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Written by Norma Jean Almodovar   
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 12:26


Great for handing out at any events where you might encounter people who want to learn the truth about sex work, sex trafficking and the so called "swedish model"

Giving a presentation? These posters are perfect for students, sex workers and allies to get your audience to think about this issue from an entirely different perspective.

Click image to view pdf- you will need Adobe Acrobat to view.

Thanks to Marc of Frankfurt for the info for the "where the money goes"

FYI: Everything on our site is fully documented with links to the original source. While we are quite aware that the folks at the FBI Bureau of Justice Statistics don't seem to be able to coordinate their statistics- and the numbers in their tables often conflict with other tables for the exact same 'crime' or data sets- there is no other valid source for this information. If their data isn't good enough to show the statistics of numbers of arrests, crimes and ages of arrestees, then what would be? Yes, there can be political reasons for arresting or not arresting individuals, as well as charging arrested persons with less serious criminal charges (i.e. reducing a solicitation charge to a disorderly conduct charge), but there are currently no other sources for this information. If it doesn't come from a government source, the statistics involving persons of any age or gender alleged to be in prostitution presented by a group or individual can only be 'guesstimates' based on speculation and flights of fantasy, not on 'facts.' So an academic, statistician or mathematician cannot present statistics that are any more 'reliable' or 'valid' than the ones we present on our site. You are free to check ALL our numbers using the links to the government websites- in fact, we highly encourage you to do so.

Links to all sources for statistics quoted on any of the posters below can be found on our Reference Library Page:


Details for the individual stories of the corrupt, pedophile and rapist cops and politicians which are highlighted in different posters can be found on the pages relating to those topics. If you are unable to find the page or article, copy and paste the name of the predator in our search tool or use any other search engine to locate media coverage of that individual.


If you have an idea for a poster- or want one of these posters to display information pertinent to your country, contact Norma Jean via email or through Facebook...

normajeanalmodovar [at] gmail.com


These posters are being rearranged and numbered to make it easier for you to select the posters you want to order. Thanks!

001 if you see somethng the lies they tell swedish model

#001- If you see something -PLEASE DON'T SAY SOMETHING!

The outrageous consequences of laws giving cops the power to 'rescue' women and girls against their will

#002 "The Lies the Victim    Pimps Tell"

Summary of the many false statistics perpetuated by the Prostitution Abolitionists

#003 "Sex Workers and the  'Swedish' Model"

While millions of real victims of violent rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and others who have asked for help go without justice, prostitution abolitionists are demanding that governments around the world impose the so- called "Swedish Model" - to send law enforcement officers out to arrest the non violent, non abusive clients of prostitutes... sex workers ask "Are abolitionists totally insane or just seriously stupid?"

top signs victim pimps so you support the swedish model meet my pimp

#004 "Top Ten Signs You Might be a Victim Pimp"

If you think you have a right to rescue people who haven't asked to be rescued- and you are willing to lie, cheat and steal to further your abolitionist crusade- there is a good chance you are a victim pimp- just like Victim Pimps Bradley Myles of the Polaris Project, DR. Melissa Farley of prostitutionresearch.com and Queen of the victim pimps, Somaly Mam.. If they tell you that you are a victim- then you are a victim, and if you don't realize it, they are going to help you realize it... or send you to jail!.

Thanks to our colleagues in Germany, this poster has been translated into German: http://www.voice4sexworkers.com/2014/10/28/10-zeichen-woran-du-erkennst-dass-du-ein-zuhaelter-von-opfern-bist/

#005 "So you support the Swedish Model?"

But do you know what you are REALLY supporting? Cops with the power to rape and extort the people you think you are helping… police chiefs who can get a blow job before 'rescuing' the 'alleged victim'? And how about judges who give  probation to those rapist cops because he thinks prison is too harsh for a law enforcement agent… and then a year later, that JUDGE is arrested for raping a PROSTITUTE… he is allowed to retire and the case is on hold indefinitely… is this what you support?

#006 "Meet My Pimp"

"Pimps" aren't always who you think they are... cops say that anyone to whom we give any of our money earned through our sex work - is a pimp! That means our family, landlord, bank, and anyone else with whom we do business.

the abolitionists lie? It is a sin
meet our johns polaris project lies of omission

#007 "Meet Our 'Johns'"

You think the "End the Demand" crusade will stop prostitution? If men like these- priests, governors, kings and police chiefs are willing to risk everything to hire a sex worker, what makes anyone think that other men will stop hiring us?

#008 "Something  Doesn't         Add Up"

The Polaris Project Numbers Can you find the missing numbers?

For 2011 and 2012, the Polaris Project over counted the number of calls they received- and in 2012, over counted the number of calls which "referenced potential victims"

#009  "Lies of Omission"- are still lies- and those who deliberately omit the facts are liars"

Where did the often cited 'average age of entry into prostitution' come from and why do the abolitionists leave out the most important fact? Why don't they mention that 96% of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone whom the child knows and trusts- not by those seeking to BUY the sexual services of children?
Why do the abolitionists lie? It is a sin to lie- isn't it? Faith based organizations lie because of the$$$$
2011 polaris project spreadsheet 2012 polaris project spreadsheet

#010 "What You Don't Know About Human Trafficking Hurts Everyone- Especially the Real  Victims of Violent Crimes"

Did you know that the government calls it 'human trafficking' when someone 'smuggles' their boyfriend across the border from Canada into the US? How many other similar cases are being used to incite outrage in people who believe that 'human traffickers' are all about FORCED PROSTITUTION?

Polaris Project Spreadsheet for 2011

Click on the above  link to open the pdf of the spreadsheet with the data/ numbers with links from the Polaris Project website-

See if you can figure out where those non existent calls are... NOT AVAILABLE AS A POSTER

Spreadsheet for 2012

Click on the above link to open the PDF of the spreadsheet with the data /numbers (with links) from the Polaris Project Website


Why do the abolitionists lie? It is a sin
do the math Do the math 2 poster DO THE MATH 3


Because numbers matter...

See also our entire page dedicated to exposing the fraudulent numbers of alleged 'sex trafficking victims' here:

do the math


How many child sex trafficking victims can there  really be?  Will arresting the non violent, non abusive clients, employers and associates of consenting adult sex workers "End the Demand"? How many cops will be needed to rescue even a fraction of the alleged number of child sex trafficking victims? So far, all the annual "Operation Cross Country" stings  have led to very few rescues, taking 40 to 50 law enforcement agents to RESCUE ONE CHILD

Contains links to source pages


The cost of a moral/ social crusade goes well beyond the financial costs... prohibition of any 'vice' leads to corruption of the entire criminal system... and how much DOES it cost to enforce social and moral laws? The cost to arrest the 'johns' alone will bankrupt cities already on the verge of bankruptcy, not to mention the cost of incarcerating millions of men against whom no criminal complaint was filed...
Why do the abolitionists lie? It is a sin
stop rescuing us end demand

#015 "Rescuing Us Against Our Will is Kidnapping- STOP RESCUING US!"

"Victim pimps"  who advocate the highly unconstitutional abduction of sex workers and threatened with jail if they don't agree to participate in the religious indoctrination program- need to get a new hobby! What happens to sex workers who go to jail? Very often we get raped by the staff- is this what the abolitionists intend so we will gladly accept their "help"? Who will save us from 'saviors'?

#016 "End the Demand" for ALL types of labor into which persons MAY be trafficked... more people are trafficked into domestic servitude and agriculture than into sex work... BAN EVERYTHING!

Why do the abolitionists lie? It is a sin
prostitution like rape Project Rose

#017 "Prostitution is like rape" -

So says the arrogant, rad  feminist psychologist Melissa Farley- and her gang of 'victim pimps'- unless we are raped by a cop- then it is 'consent'-

Sex workers say "the only thing LIKE     rape IS rape!"

#018"Jail or Jesus? Monica Jones and Project Rose" Sounds like a bad movie script- Using taxpayer money, an assistant professor of sociology, the Catholic Church and the local cops/ prosecutors  team up to continue the Catholic Church's  age old  forced conversion scheme- now updated to offer the 'sinner' (in this case, sex workers)  a chance at redemption (re-education) or going to jail, a place KNOWN for rapes by guards... So if a sex worker refuses to acquiesce to the all powerful, almighty CHURCH/ government coalition and admit to being a victim,  the government is going to MAKE CERTAIN  they become one! Good thing the Catholic Church can't burn us whores/ witches/ sinners  at the stake anymore... not that they wouldn't do so if they could...

#019 "Cops- Hard-ons- Handcuffs and Hookers"

Not a good combination! Especially for the victims!
Why do the abolitionists lie? It is a sin
invasion victim pimps beware of predators

#020 "Invasion of the Victim Pimps"

Highlights the victim pimps from Project Rose (Arizona) where the sex workers are kidnapped and forced to either go into the religious indoctrination program or go to jail: Also Bradley Myles/ Polaris Project and our favorite rad fem victim pimp Melissa Farley- SHE is bad for our hearts AND bad for our bodies

#021 "The Harm They Do to Sex Workers"

The Abolitionist Agenda- it is NOT for our own good!

#022 "Beware of Predators- Liars and Hypocrites- They are EVERYWHERE"

Do you want to know who the predators are in your community? Look no further than the self- righteous, self- appointed  moral and social crusaders who stand on their soap boxes and point fingers at others...Whether it is homosexuality, to possessing adult or child porn, to paying for sex with children or adults- the ones who shout the loudest about what someone ELSE might be doing are the most likely to be engaging in the very behavior they rail against in public.
Why do the abolitionists lie? It is a sin

025 50 ways to leave your lover sade
#023 "NHI'S- That's What Cops Call Murdered Prostitutes"

Did you know that cops have an unofficial term they use when investigating the murder of a sex worker? They call us "NHIs"-   NO HUMANS INVOLVED...

Is it any wonder then that cops feel compelled to rape us? And when they do, they usually get away with it too! And yet, 'rescue and restore' abolitionists count on the cops to help them 'rescue' us!

#024 Sex workers respond to the "Top 10 Feminist Lies about Sex Work"

Radical feminists  and their religious conservative allies can certain tell whoppers! Unfortunately, people believe the bovine excrement they tell! Sex workers fight back- responding to those lies with the truth!

#025 "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover Safe"

Condom drawings for our poster by German Sex Worker Artist

Why do the abolitionists lie? It is a sin
the whore word sex worker burnout

#026 "Top Ten Signs You Are  Being Set Up by an Undercover Vice Cop"

What we learned about sting operations during Heidi Fleiss' trial... how to avoid their traps- asking if a potential client is a cop DOES NOT WORK- YES, COPS CAN LIE TO YOU- and they often lie in their arrest report (called 'report-a-lying'), so listen to your gut instincts!

#027 "The Whore Word"

What will those whorephobes  call us when we tell them we don't care if they call us a whore? The word 'whore' originally meant  "Beloved One..."

#028 "How to Cure Sex Worker Burnout"

By Dr. Annie Sprinkle- Tips to help sex workers cope with burnout (it can happen to anyone in every other profession!!)- graphics/ cartoons by Norma Jean Almodovar

Why do the abolitionists lie? It is a sin
PTSD and Sex Work Letter size poster for SB-1388 hearingSB1388

#29 "PTSD and Sex Work... The Harm of Prostitution Abolitionist Fantasies"

What kind of sick, twisted mind believes that adults providing pleasure to others for money causes any kind of emotional trauma or stress? Those who advocate the eradication of all commercial sex, believe this... Yet, there are so many other problematic situations which  are surely psychologically harmful to those who experience them, but no one seems to care about THEIR PTSD... but why don't they? Are victims of rape, domestic violence and  non commercial child  sexual abuse  at the hands of priests and preachers and other pillars of the community) not important to these prostitution abolitionists?

#30 "You think SB 1388 will help? Another law to give police the power to extort and rape those you think are victims?"

How many laws do we need to give the cops to stop sex trafficking? Especially when the COPS/ judges/ politicians and DAs  are sexually exploiting the 'victims' and aren't being punished for their criminal activity? If cops can rape prostitutes and NOT EVEN GET FIRED, why do so many politicians want to incarcerate the non violent, non abusive clients, employers and associates of others- FOR LIFE- when cops who RAPE CHILDREN  get probation? Who really benefits from these laws? It sure isn't the 'victims'!

Don't worry- more posters are on their way!
Why do the abolitionists lie? It is a sin
cops who rape prostitutes

RG # 001- Rogues Gallery I- Pedophile Cops

How many are 'too many"? Are you worried about minors in prostitution?

Be MORE concerned about the cops whom you trust to 'rescue' them...

RG # 002- Rogues Gallery II-  Cops Rape/ Solicit/ Extort/ Pimp Prostitutes

When you give cops the power over women's bodies, and they can selectively enforce the law - you can expect nothing less than this type of criminal behavior. Since it is 'criminal' behavior, why are COPS not punished the way our non violent, non abusive clients are?

RG # 003- Rogues Gallery III- Cops who rape women in general including victims of domestic violence


Why do the abolitionists lie? It is a sin

Where the money goes- how the US Government spends your money to punish consenting adults for

engaging in consenting adult commercial sex. PDF has link to Marc of Frankfurt Data and stats pages

PLEASE NOTE: The link on the PDF to this page may or may not work- so please use the link below

(and because it is very slow loading- do not give up! There is SO much good info here!)


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