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Operation Do the Math- a guide for activists and allies to utilize the data and information in this online resource


This educational project was funded by ISWFACE- a 501 (c ) 3 non profit organization


Be sure to check out the posters for printing which contain summaries of the numbers from this page, as well as lists of pedophile/ rapist/ domestically violent law enforcement agents who are given the power and authority over the lives of vulnerable people in the sex industry- links to which can be found on the front page of “Police Prostitution and Politics.com


This user guide will help you navigate the massive amount of information on this website. The spreadsheets were created using the FBI stats from its various tables, primarily tables #5 (reported crimes in the US- by state) and #69 (reported arrests from each state.)

For the spreadsheets with data relating to the age and gender of those arrested for prostitution and disorderly conduct, the following tables were used: (these links go to the 2015 tables; all the other years can be found by searching for “Crime in the United States” by year- then locate the categories under which they are classified - “persons arrested and “offenses known to law enforcement” where you can find “reported crimes.”

FBI CRIME IN THE US: Table # 39- 2015 arrests by age- MALE

FBI CRIME IN THE US: Table # 40- 2015 arrests by age FEMALE

FBI CRIME IN THE US: Table # 42 - 2015 arrests by GENDER

Also used were the 1991 to 2015 “Criminal Victimization” reports.

Estimated law enforcement agents in each state “Police Employee Data”

Table #77 for law enforcement agents by state, Table #78 for city by city numbers of law enforcement agents.

***Be aware that the numbers vary from one FBI table to the next- sometimes significantly- for the exact same ‘crimes’ and number of arrests. Example- in 2013, the FBI spreadsheet data for the state of Alaska reported there were 647 persons arrested for prostitution, when in fact there were only 47 persons arrested. FBI said it was a typo, but will not correct it because the documents were already published.


Part I is a summary of the other sections, giving overviews of some of the statistics contained within the corresponding section. This is a good section to review the content in all the other parts of this document. All of the sections or parts are available as the whole document or as individual pages, which can be identified by the thumbnail images below the section or part.

Parts II A and II B contain spreadsheets with all the reported crimes and arrests, state by state, analyzing the percentages and numbers of the following:

• How many reported crimes were there in each state for the year 2015? from table #5- total all states 9,225,197

• Of those reported crimes,what percentage of them were solved by arrest? 18.2% or 1,675,118 arrests for reported crimes

• How many arrests were made (reported to the FBI) for police instigated activity (NOT reported crimes)? 7,403,757 and how many arrests total were made (according to table #69)? 9,078,875 (this differs from the cover page for the section on the FBI website, off by 1,549,934 arrests…. FBI page says Nationwide, law enforcement made an estimated 10,797,088 arrests in 2015” but that number doesn’t match the number in table #69

• What percentage of all arrests made were for non reported “crimes” vs. reported crimes where the victim asked for help? 81.76%

What percentage of reported rapes and sexual assaults (431,840) were solved through arrests (19,304) of alleged rapists? 4.5% [The number of reported rapes are from table # 5 and the number of reported violent sexual assaults combined with rapes  can be found in the Criminal Victimization” 2015 report, page # 2]

How many arrests for prostitution were there in 2015? 34,240 - how many of these were minors? 457

[note- you can find the number of prostitution arrests in Parts II A and II B, Parts III A and III B and in Part VI]

• Given the number of reported arrests and the number of estimated law enforcement agents in each state, on average, how many arrests does each cop make per year? [14.38 arrests] Estimated number of law enforcement agents in the US in 2015 (from FBI Table # 77) 631,517 (equation: 9,078,875/ 631,517= 14.38).

The FBI report states that arrests for traffic related violations are not included in these numbers. However, there are far more arrests than the ones reported by law enforcement agencies to the FBI. Laws involving ‘quality of life’ municipal code enforcement tickets which are issued.These arrests are also not included in the FBI reports, but they do take up the time and resources of law enforcement, leaving little time to solve REAL, REPORTED crimes.

Part III A and Part III B focuses on state by state of arrests for prostitution from 2000 to 2015.

Part III-A contains spreadsheets of the arrests

Part III B shows the data in a graph, state by state. If you see an article in your local paper claiming that ‘sex trafficking’ is a huge problem in the state in question, simply find the graph for that state, click the link to see exactly how many persons- adults and minors- have been arrested from 2000 to 2015.

Part IV- “OPERATION CROSS COUNTRY- WHERE ARE THE VICTIMS” This section covers the annual sting operations from 2011- 2014 involved in ‘rescuing’ the children who are sex trafficked. Some years it takes 50 law enforcement agents to rescue one child. Pages 3 to 6 are from the FBI press releases with stats of arrests in the cities and states the sting takes place. Page 3- 2014 arrests in Alabama to Mississippi | page 4- 2014 arrests in Missouri to Wisconsin | page 5- 2013 arrests Alabama to Nebraska | page 6- 2013 arrests Nevada to Wisconsin | page 7- 2014 and 2015 FBI Human Trafficking stats

Part V-A Fast Facts uses the stats of the ‘alleged number’ of minors trafficked into prostitution every year, and the number of ‘johns’ they allegedly service on a daily basis to create charts with different variables to calculate the number of ‘johns’ needed to provide employment to those sex trafficking victims.

Part VA- page 1 summarizes the lies the abolitionists tell about sex work- links to sources

Part V-A page 3 links to the Polaris Project’s previous “statistics snapshot” of what they claim are the number of ‘johns’ and the number of days that victims are forced to service.

Part V-A page 4 contains the stats from the 2010 US census

Part V-A page 5 is a spreadsheet with comparisons (from 1991 to 2015) of reported rapes and sexual assaults/ arrests for rapes as compared to arrests for prostitution/ and also comparisons of persons murdered by circumstances- cops/ prostitutes/ rape victims etc./ the number of persons arrested for drug possession. IMPORTANT STATISTIC: the number of rapes and sexual assaults that have gone UNSOLVED over  more than 24 years: 6,012,505: the average percentage of arrests for rape and sexual assault is 10%- usually around 5 to 6% per year.

Also important to note that over the two and a half decades covered in this document, there were 37,723,538 arrests for drug possession/selling etc. The number of arrests for drug possession averages over 1,300,000 per year and yet we have not ‘ended the demand’ for drugs.

Part V-A page 6 is a graph of the murders by circumstances 1991 to 2015: prostitutes, cops, rape victims, children killed by babysitters, persons involved in love triangles.

Part V-B Fast Facts II contains more charts with variables ranging from 500 to 350,000 minors working 100 to 300 days per year, servicing from 1 to 60 ‘johns’ per day. Abolitionists support ‘end the demand’ type legislation which would mandate the arrest of the non violent, non abusive clients, employers and associates of consenting adult sex workers (while claiming to not want to arrest the prostitute).

Part V-B page 6 examines the exaggerated numbers behind the Superbowl hysteria and sex trafficking.

Part VI is one of the most important section of the entire document if you want to respond to the lies that sex trafficking is ‘the fastest growing criminal enterprise.’ The spreadsheet stats cover 34 years of data, from 1981 through 2014 (the most current year for stats). Spreadsheets and graphs include arrests for prostitution AND disorderly conduct.

Part VI Page 1 Summary of arrests for 2015 and an overview of arrests back to 1981 to 2015


Part VI Pages 2- 3: Male and Female arrests combined - by age- for prostitution and disorderly conduct

• Part VI Pages 4 -5: Female arrests by age - for prostitution and disorderly conduct

PartVI Page 6: Percentages of arrests - minors to adults, male and female by age- all numbers all years

• Part VI Pages 7- 8: Male arrests by age - for prostitution and disorderly conduct


• Part VI Pages 9- 10- Summary of arrests of female and male minors:

Part VI Page 9:

In 1982, there were 2,316 female minors arrested- the majority of which were 17 years of age

In 2015, there were 334 female minors arrested- again, the majority were 17 years of age

Part VI Page 10:

In 1982, there were 1,021 male minors arrested, the majority of which were 17 years of age

In 2015, there were 108 male minors arrested, the majority of which were 17 years of age

The graphs say it all- the number of minors arrested/ rescued has diminished since 1981, and continues to decrease, although unfortunately, the number of law enforcement officers who rape children does not seem to decrease.

Part VI Page 11: Summary graph  all prostitution arrests  male and female minors by age

Part VI Page 12: Summary graph of all prostitution arrests of males and females all ages

Part VI Page 13: Summary graph  arrests for male and females all ages for disorderly conduct

Part VI Page 14: Summary graph all arrests male/ females all ages: prostitution and disorderly conduct

• Part VI Page 15- 16:Two different types of graphs of arrests male and female all ages for prostitution

From the stats in Part VI, page 6, the percentage of minors arrested is consistently around 1.81% of all arrests, compared to 98.19% of females arrested for prostitution being over 18, from 1981 to 2015. For every one minor, we would need 98 adults, yet in the entire over three decades of stats, there were only a total of 2,027,563 females arrested for prostitution of which 36,677 were under 18, fewer every year than the year before since 1982.

Part VII- What does this crusade cost?

Part VII page 1: editorial remarks and cases of actual consequences of bad laws

• Part VII page 2: examples of the consequences of the war on whores,

• Part VII page 3 how much it costs to incarcerate people in various states

• Part VII page 4 what the cost per prostitution arrest was in 1987

• Part VII page 5 a very short list of ‘victim pimp’ organizations which rake in the big bucks to ‘rescue’ people who may or may not be victims

• Part VII page 6 are stats from 2007 on the average monthly number of reported rape victims, rape arrests, prostitution arrests and the ‘suspected incidents of human trafficking’ comparisons

• Part VII page 7 the same information for 2008- 2010

• Part VII page 8 summarizes why numbers matter and what kind of outrageous lies come from the media when they don’t do the math (media claimed there were 300,000 sex trafficking cases prosecuted every year in Houston (TX) alone… but there were only 2 cases of ‘compelling prostitution.’


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