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Written by Norma Jean Almodovar   
Friday, 23 September 2011 00:00

The most explosive book you may ever read- you will never look at cops, preachers, presidents and prostitutes the same again!

The cover below is what the book will look like- and the non academic title is a little different from the "Academic" one- because I want this book read, not just by academics but by everyone!

Scandal at the highest level- sex, murder, corruption, lies- and it is all true!

While high powered politicians like Eliot Spitzer get a pass, those who provide him pleasure go to prison.

Unfortunately, this happens over and over again. When men like Spitzer and Senator David Vitter (Louisana) get caught, they express remorse- but are they sorry for what they did or just sorry they got caught? Even though they get caught, do they get punished? Senator Vitter is still a senator and Eliot Spitzer may have resigned from office, but who knows if he will make a comeback now that he is not facing criminal charges...

cover of the book

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