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Written by Norma Jean Almodovar   
Sunday, 28 March 2010 16:00

There are many organizations world wide which are sex worker founded and run. They fall into two categories- those which work toward ending the prohibition against consenting adult commercial sex and those which are allied with the anti- prostitution/ prohibitionist movement and wish to 'eliminate all forms of prostitution' around the world, which they consider to be a human rights violation.


The primary focus of this website is to show the consequences of the laws which make sex work a crime, and that means we include both categories in our news sections and links. Unlike those who oppose decriminalization of all consenting adult commercial sex, we believe that it is our duty to present the 'other side' of the issue because only then can concerned individuals make informed decisions  about what is the right way and wrong way to protect those who are considered 'exploited victims without choices.'

Information on HIV prevention in Australia (pdf):


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