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It is our goal to bring you all the important information which disproves the lies told by the government and the prohibitionists regarding human trafficking and child sexual exploitation, and you can start with the links provided in the "Latest News" and also by clicking on the links below: If you know of other sources and want us to add them, please feel free to contact the webmistress at normajeanalmodovar [at] gmail.com

What happens to the women and juveniles who are arrested for prostitution "for their own good"? Because of course we know that it works to traumatize victims by putting them in jail/prison where they are likely to be raped by guards (not to mention the cops who offer to NOT arrest them in exchange for some free samples....)

Evangelicals are especially eager to continue the arrest and incarceration of juveniles: Penny Young Nance- writer for the Christian Post, argues that it is important to continue to arrest juvenile victims regardless of whether or not they were forced into prostitution. She and her colleagues believe that it is best for victims to be further victimized so that the police have leverage to force them to testify against their alleged trafficker... "And add insult to injury, VAWA promotes the decriminalization of prostitution of minors by prohibiting the charging of a minor for a prostitution offense." I don't think these people have a clue what really happens within the so called 'criminal justice system.'

arrested for our own goodcop arrests prostitutes after sex

Here is what actually happens when 'victims' are incarcerated: "Sexual abuse in prison is distressingly common: the Justice Department estimated that more than 217,000 prisoners, including at least 17,000 juveniles, were raped or sexually abused in America in 2008. A total of 12% of juvenile detainees... surveyed between 2008 and 2009 reported being forced into sex. And that is the number of people, not incidents; most victims are abused more than once. More inmates reported being abused by staff than by other inmates. Sex between guards and inmates is illegal in all 50 states." The Economist, May 5, 2011

These days, there are unfortunately many blatantly false and misleading articles, opinions and stories about  the GREAT MORAL PANIC: Human Trafficking which conflate sex work with sex slavery, and disallow the voices of sex workers in the discussion of these issues which impact their lives. Although Human trafficking covers a multitude of forced labor, for most people, it means "sex trafficking." As Susan Cohen says in the The Guttmacher Report on Public Policy -February 2005, Volume 8, Number 1 - "Sex trafficking is one component of the broader problem of trafficking in persons—an internationally recognized human rights violation and a crime in the United States. It would appear, however, that from the perspective of many social conservatives both inside and outside the Bush administration, human trafficking is problematic largely to the extent it involves trafficking for sex. And since these advocates view sex trafficking and prostitution as inextricably linked, if not for all intents and purposes identical, the U.S. government's global antitrafficking program in many ways has come to resemble a global campaign against prostitution."

While some anti- prostitution folks (abolitionists) demand that we adopt the  so called "Swedish" model which criminalizes the client but removes the laws against the prostitute, others insist that we continue to arrest the prostitutes- adults and juveniles alike- "for their own good." They have a mistaken belief that they are 'rescuing' us poor 'victims' from a far worse fate- being sexually exploited, even if we are adult and consent. We are told that we sex workers cannot 'consent' and that prostitution is "like rape." Anyone who has been raped knows that the only thing "like rape" IS rape.

It is offensive and an insult to those victims for anyone to compare their horrendous ordeal with the experiences of an adult who engages in commercial sex and does so because they make a choice to so engage- and there are hundreds of thousands of adult sex workers who do make that choice- for whatever reason. I know because I made that choice. Although I am years retired from sex work, I knowingly and willingly chose to 'sell' that which I was giving away to my former colleages on the LAPD. Wasn't I being exploited by my bedpartners when I got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING out of my sexual relationship with them- not even my own sexual pleasure? Because, back then, the cops thought that a woman who wanted her own sexual pleasure made her a "whore" and of course, I did not want to fall into that category and be branded as such. So I just had sex with a lot of cops who were lousy in bed, even with viagra or cialis and never complained that none took the time to tend to my needs. But at least I wasn't considered a "whore" - just a slut and an "easy lay" which as everyone knows it not the same thing as being a whore...

I was also the victim of a sexual assault by a corrections officer while I was at work furlough during my incarceration for one count of pandering- or rather, for writing a book that criticized my former colleagues and for which I was punished because, as the Los Angeles District Attorney Ira Reiner claimed, I was "commercially exploiting my law enforcement past to draw on scandalous escapades which undermine respect for the law." At no time did I ever feel exploited when I was seeing my clients- for money- but when I was sexually assaulted by a corrections officer who held my life in his hands, I certainly did feel anger, rage, depression and all those things that radical feminists insist are associated with PTSD which is a result of being a prostitute. What happened to this officer? Well, nothing at first. Even though I went to the supervisor of the Work Furlough facility just before I was paroled, I was told that as there was no witness, it was my word against his.

After I exposed this situation on national television once I was released from prison and appeared on the Sally Jessie Raphael show, other women came forward and said they also were sexually assaulted by this officer. He was not fired. He did not go to jail. He was transferred to work in an all male prison.

But according to women like Evann Gastaldo, arresting children for prostitution actually saves their lives... "Why We Must Arrest Child Prostitutes: IT MAY SOUND CRUEL, BUT IT COULD BE THE ONLY THING THAT SAVES THEM."

Surely no one in their right mind can continue to believe this after reading the list of cases of rapist law enforcement agents.

For more information on the Swedish model and how it impacts the lives of sex workers in Sweden, you can find this and much more information on 'human trafficking' at  Anthropologist Laura Agustin's website: http://www.lauraagustin.com/

Dr. Marty Klein on the boogeyman of sex trafficking:


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