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Written by Norma Jean Almodovar   
Monday, 17 October 2011 08:41

Until I began doing research for this project, I did not know the extent of disparity between the number of reported cases of rape and the actual arrests of rapists, or how those numbers corresponded with the numbers of arrests for prostitution. Of course it has always been apparent that the cops did not seem to catch many of these rapists and that they spent far too much time doing undercover work to bust prostitutes and their clients, but how many arrests were made for prostitution versus for rape, I did not know. Fortunately the Federal Government makes all those statistics available to everyone everywhere who can access them with a computer. It took a while to find the pages and stats, and even then I had to put the information together to make it coherent, but the results are shocking even to me.

To the States Attorneys General who wrote the letter to the Village Voice and backpage.com demanding that they shut down the adult ads to protect children, (the actual quote from their letter is this "We have tracked more than 50 instances, in 22 states over three years, of charges filed against those trafficking or attempting to traffic minors on Backpage.com. These are only the stories that made it into the news; many more instances likely exist...") I have one question to ask you- what are you doing about the rapists in your states? Because there are FAR more of them going around raping women and children that you don't seem to be able to catch since you are more worried about 50 instances in 22 states over three years than you are in catching real hard core criminals for which there is a complaint filed with the police, and a rape kit going untested. How many, you ask?

Please, let me share with you what I found. Hopefully anyone with half a brain will be as outraged as I was when I discovered the stats from the US Government, Department of Justice Bureau of Statistics. Links to the various government websites where you can check the data for yourself can be found by clicking here. I do not expect you to believe me- after all, I do have an agenda- to stop the horrendous waste of taxpayer dollars spent on pursuing and prosecuting consenting adults engaged in consenting adult commercial sex (or any other consenting adult activity that may suit their tastes), and to start focusing on real crimes with real victims. These statistics make me wonder if rape is not as important to those in charge of prosecuting the perpetrators as it would appear that going after consenting adults engaged in commercial sex with other consenting adults seems to be...

For the raw data and statistics, visit the 1981- 2011 FBI Statistics Arrests Rapes Prostitution and other assorted stats page

Please click the links below to see the table for the information you want to see, or click on this to view the table in a single pdf.

Rapes in the US by state: 2007-2010

Rape and prostitution arrests by state:

  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • Percentage of rape arrests to reported rapes by state: 2007-2010:


2007-2010 number of reported rapes all states

2007- 2010 number of reported arrests of rapists

2007-2010 number of reported prostitution arrests




percentage of rapist arrests to number of reported rapes




2011 criminal stats overview

Click on links below to go to the Government website where you can view my source for this information. Click on the number of hotline calls and the domestic violence incidents for each state to view the source for those statistics.


FYI: In reporting annual state crimes to the FBI Bureau of Criminal Statistics, many states define "rape" as vaginal penetration ONLY and do not include any sexual assaults which do not involve vaginal penetration in their 'rape' statistics, regardless of how violent the assaults are;  also, if the sexual assault is perpetrated on a male by another male or by a female on a male, or sexual assault of a female by another female, these are not considered 'rape' by many states. We do not have information on which states define rape solely as  vaginal penetration and which states include all sexual assaults in their crime reports.

2011 arrest by state

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