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Written by Norma Jean Almodovar   
Monday, 24 October 2011 11:48

The mainstream media reports every little human trafficking case with the earnestness of a schoolboy showing off his first dissected frog- except they fail to connect the dots between the outrageous demands of the prostitution prohibitionists and the other cases of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The prohibitionists- and our government- are waging a campaign to "end the demand" for commercial sexual services, as if that will stop consenting adult from either providing services to or receiving services from other consenting adults. We wonder if they would be consistent in their argument for ending the demand... if they would apply their 'solution' to other areas of labor or human relationships into which millions of adults and children around the world are forced or in which violence and sexual exploitation occur on a regular basis.

Here are our suggestions, using the prohibitionist propaganda, to solve the problems associated with all human trafficking and sexual exploitation:

Either you want to rescue all persons who may be victims of the above real life cases of human trafficking and violence or you are a major bigot and hypocrite. Your selective concern for the alleged victims of human trafficking is nothing more than bigotry disguised as benevolence  for a group of individuals whom you with to punish for their failure to acquiesce to your moral or social  values.  Your goal is not to help anyone- your true motive is to abolish consenting adult commercial sex in any form. Do something bold! Be honest! Stop trying to pose as a 'concerned citizen' who wants to stop ‘human trafficking’ and be upfront with your moral / social crusade. You may fool yourself and those who think like you, but you sure don’t fool us sex workers!

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