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[   ]Chief is depicted as controlling in sex trial.pdf11-Jan-2014 18:28 81K 
[   ]Former Inman police chief gets 2 life terms in sex abuse case.pdf11-Jan-2014 18:28 253K 
[   ]Inman police chief facing 16 felony counts, including child rape _ 18:28 264K 
[IMG]Michael Akins.png11-Jan-2014 18:28 284K 
[IMG]Michael_Akins_thumb_450x337_thumb_200x149.jpg11-Jan-2014 18:28 4.7K 
[   ]Mike Akins Jr., ex-Kansas police chief, gets life in prison for bad-touching children | The Fast Pitch.pdf11-Jan-2014 18:28 445K 

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