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[   ]Corrections Officer Charged In Sex Assault Of Child_ DNA Evidence Found Among 200 Untested Rape Kits.pdf27-Apr-2013 15:08 79K 
[   ]In The News.pdf27-Apr-2013 15:08 289K 
[   ]Jailed Corrections Officer Moved For Security Concerns | NBC Chicago.pdf27-Apr-2013 15:09 92K 
[   ]Rape Victim Sues Harvey Over Untested Rape Kit « CBS Chicago.pdf27-Apr-2013 15:09 723K 
[   ]Update_ Testing Backlogged Rape Kits in Illinois.pdf27-Apr-2013 15:09 176K 
[IMG]r-ROBERTBUCHANANRAPE-large570.jpg27-Apr-2013 15:09 13K 
[IMG]robert-buchanan-0922.jpg27-Apr-2013 15:09 53K 

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