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[IMG]1235084_526585127410562_660509442_n.jpg07-Mar-2014 15:28 5.7K 
[   ]Detroit police officer charged in sexual assaults.pdf07-Mar-2014 15:28 172K 
[   ]Ex-Detroit cop sentenced for sexually assaulting teens | The Detroit News.pdf07-Mar-2014 15:28 77K 
[   ]Former officer heads for trial on sex charges | Observer and Eccentric Newspapers and Hometown Weeklies | 15:28 62K 
[IMG]Police_officer_accused_of_sexually_assau_440970000_20130328183230_320_240.JPG07-Mar-2014 15:28 11K 
[   ]Sex abuse case against former Detroit police officer continues.pdf07-Mar-2014 15:28 68K 
[   ]Victims sue former officer convicted of criminal sexual conduct.pdf07-Mar-2014 15:28 68K 

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