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[   ]Edward Bullock, ex-Warren County sheriff, surrenders on child sex charges | 19:51 72K 
[   ]Edward Bullock files: Former Warren Acres employee noticed 'odd' behavior from former sheriff.pdf16-Aug-2014 19:51 76K 
[IMG]Edward G. Bullock.jpg16-Aug-2014 19:51 91K 
[   ]Ex-sheriff Edward Bullock would draw in young boys, former county probation worker says.pdf16-Aug-2014 19:51 70K 
[   ]Former Sheriff Edward Bullock's 'interest' in young boys no secret, former officers say | 19:51 100K 
[   ]Former Warren Co. Sheriff indicted on charges of sexually assaulting child.pdf16-Aug-2014 19:51 67K 

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