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Domestic violence is a very serious problem. The World Health Organization reported that 29% of all women are or will be victims of such violence. That means there are hundreds of millions of victims of violence at the hands of an intimate partner. Cops are not immune from inflicting great harm to their loved ones, as this list will show. There are so many cases that it becomes a full time job to keep track of them, so there may be gaps between the cases posted below and new cases.

Recent media coverage of this issue indicate that there is more domestic violence within law enforcement families than there is in the general population. "Domestic violence is an epidemic in this country and around the world. Some 1.3 million U.S. women are assaulted by their intimate partners each year; one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime; and nearly a third of female homicide victims are killed by their intimate partners. The economic costs are staggering as well – an estimated $37 billion each year in medical treatment alone. And while domestic violence occurs in about 10% of families overall, that rate doubles, perhaps quadruples, when we look at violence in police families. In two separate national studies, 40% of police officers self-reported that they had used violence against their domestic partners within the last year."

The FBI Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, 2014,  table 77, reports that there are approximately 626,796 law enforcement agents (with the power of arrest) in the US... so, with these statistics, there are about 250,716 law enforcement agents (40%) out there who commit domestic violence on a family member... that's a lot of violence which is mostly ignored byOIDV the media and the public! And as many cases as are shown here, how many more incidents of violence and abuse were there in which charges were not filed and so did not come to the attention of the media? How many spouses of violent law enforcement officers did/do not call for help through the many years of abuse/violence they endured because if their cop spouse- the provider for themselves and their families- were to be fired (and therefore possibly lose their pension) and no longer be able to be licensed to carry a gun (which makes them unemployable in law enforcement) who will take care of them? How many spouses of violent law enforcement agents were 'talked' out of filing charges by their law enforcement spouse's boss/colleagues, who used veiled threats of social services taking away the children, or of their cop spouse losing their pension or being demoted - all of which would have financial consequences for the family? No doubt many of the incidents listed below were only reported when the violence got so out of control that it was impossible for anyone to ignore- the assaults were committed in front of too many witnesses for the law enforcement agency to cover up any longer- or the years of violence culminated in a murder- suicide. For anyone who is an honest and upstanding law enforcement officer (of which there are many), having to work with those who commit crimes like domestic violence puts them at risk because the LEOs- who carry guns- obviously have anger management issues which endanger everyone around them.

Reading the articles which are filled with outrage over alleged human trafficking (which for many only means prostitution and not domestic servitude or the many other areas of labor into which people are trafficked), people want immediate action (more laws, more government solutions) to stop the minimal number of cases of human trafficking (see the government report on this here) but don't seem to give a rat's patoodie about the well being of the family member victims of violent cops, of which there are SO many more! I challenge anyone to show me a list with the names of 300,000 prostitutes who are or were victims of abuse at the hands of their clients or 'pimps' in the past 10 years- or how about a list of 30,000? 3,000? 300? How about a list as long as the one on this page over the same time span? It can't be done because (1) there are not that many actual victims (2) when there are victims, they cannot go to the police (just like the spouses of police who are afraid to turn in their abusive law enforcement spouse) because the police will tell them that if they don't like being a victim, they should stop being a prostitute! All anyone can give as evidence of violence against prostitutes is anecdotal evidence... insisting with very little documentation (and extraordinarily ideologically biased 'research') that prostitution is 'dangerous and harmful!' Prohibitionists like Melissa Farley tell us that 'prostitution causes PTSD' (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), but I would point out that being a victim of domestic violence/ spousal abuse combined with the inability to get justice must also cause PTSD... and if 'abolishing all prostitution' is a viable solution for the alleged problem of PTSD in prostitutes, wouldn't abolishing marriage for law enforcement officers be a 'viable solution' to stop the PTSD caused by being married to or involved with a violent law enforcement agent?  Unfortunately when it comes to domestic violence in families of law enforcement agents, there are two sacrosanct subjects involved- "law enforcement officers" and "marriage"- neither subject do journalists seem inclined to tackle in any sort of all-out media crusade such as the one currently conducted against 'sex trafficking' (which is conflated with prostitution). (An exception is this article of January 15, 2012 from the San Francisco Chronicle by Kevin Fagan, spurred no doubt by the recent election of San Francisco's (CA) newly elected sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, a man himself facing charges of domestic abuse.)

In a recent article in the Las Vegas Sun, author J. Patrick Coolican, opines that "(prostitutes) are often reluctant to testify, and for good reason. They live in fear of their pimps." Apparently Mr. Coolican is totally unaware that women married to cops are equally reluctant to turn in their abusive cop spouses as they live in fear of them (for good reason)... and often do not bother to file a report because the police agencies their spouses work for cover up for their fellow officers (see the horrific story of whistle blower Bob Mullally below). Would this or any other willfully/woefully ignorant (in my opinion) journalist consider it appropriate to suggest that we as a society ought to ban cops from marrying or having intimate relationships to protect women and children from these violent law enforcement agents? Or does he even care about these women? Like so many in the media, he focuses solely on us po' 'hos, despite the fact that more women (and men) are at risk of violence at the hands of their law enforcement agent spouses/lovers than any prostitute is at the hands of her clients or alleged pimps. That the majority of us sex workers do not encounter violence at the hands of our clients and most of us do not have 'pimps' as defined by the media and the cops does not seem to make any difference to these 'journalists' who have jumped on the prohibitionists' bandwagon and are determined to 'eliminate' all prostitution regardless of the cost to the lives of those whom they believe they are 'helping.' (see 01/04/12 Forbes article by another irresponsible (in my opinion) journalist who quotes the prohibitionists' lies without doing any of her own research on the supposed 30 million victims of  slavery world wide... no mention of the fact that the majority of those alleged slaves are not involved in prostitution but in domestic servitude and other areas of non sexual labor... but does that matter to her? Apparently not. Just us poor ignorant prostitutes!!!)

The staggering number of cases listed below would indicate that it is FAR MORE dangerous to be the spouse or lover of anyone in law enforcement (federal, state, local) than it is to be a prostitute! But what are the States Attorneys General doing about it? Not much. Instead, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna continues his attack on websites with adult ads, demanding that they be shut down. The rallying cry of the prostitution prohibitionists is "one is too many" when it comes to victims of child sexual exploitation at the hands of predators who find their victims on those adult ads sites and the prostitute victims of violent pimps or clients, and while it is true that one IS too many, how many cases of domestic violence/ murder/ suicide within law enforcement agents' families must there be before these grandstanding States Attorneys General get real and demand something be done about it? If McKenna believes that the solution to the violence against prostitutes is to shut down craigslist, and all other websites with adult ads, what does he suggest should be done to stop the domestic violence BY LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS?

Spouse and intimate partner victims of violent law enforcement agents file complaints, including with injury documentation and yet, most of the time the violent law enforcement officers are not charged with a crime, even when the victim successfully files for a restraining order. Nancy West is one such victim. Click on link to view her documentation.  Back in 1997, she was the victim of her then boyfriend, Santa Ana Police Officer Jack Nelson Whipple. While he was charged with a crime, he was not arrested and he was allowed to take an early retirement. He suffered no ill consequences that anyone other than a cop would suffer. Unfortunately, Nancy and her daughter are still suffering from  the emotional damage inflicted on them by a member of a law enforcement agency who got away with his criminal behavior. (This document was posted with her permission)

If beating someone- using violence and threats- is a crime when the victim is not the partner/ spouse of a cop, why is it not also a crime when the perpetrator wears a badge and carries a gun?

As indicated in the story below, domestic violence perpetrated by a law enforcement agent is not anything the department seems interested in pursuing. Undoubtedly there are other reasons for this, but it seems to be that the blue wall/ code of silence is the primary factor in ignoring the crime which impacts 40% of families of law enforcement officers (see above articles). In some cases the officers get away with murder, literally, but in others, the officers who kill their intimate partners often kill themselves as well. All too frequently the highest ranking departmental police/ spokesperson will say of the violent officer "Other than this incident (beating his wife for years and years), he was a good cop!"

[Here is a site which covers a number of recent incidents of officer involved intimate partner violence. It is very very sad]

Why does it happen? "(Law enforcement) Department leaders don't follow national standards on how to handle accusations of domestic violence against officers. Prosecutors often charge them with lesser crimes - or no crimes at all. As a result, officers who abuse their spouses or romantic partners are allowed to keep their jobs, carry loaded weapons and respond when other battered women (not their wives) call for help..."  In Wisconsin,   "It is impossible to tell how many domestic incidents the Milwaukee Police Department has not investigated. Last year, for example, the wife of a high-ranking commander in the Professional Performance Division, which investigates officer misconduct, called 911 in fear of her husband. No one wrote up a report, and department officials say a recording of the emergency call does not exist." Milwaukee is just one of many cities in which law enforcement officers who abuse their spouses are allowed to go unpunished. Just ask Bob Mullally- who tried to expose the LAPD cover-ups of domestic violence within its ranks and ended up in federal prison because of it:

Life of a Whistleblower
Bob Mullally goes to prison for releasing cops’ domestic-violence records:

"In 1997, the Los Angeles Office of the Inspector General conducted an investigation of the LAPD after a legal consultant named Bob Mullally leaked shocking LAPD personnel files to the press. These files documented scores of violent domestic crimes committed by LAPD officers. Mullally was so shocked by the LAPD's mishandling of this police family violence that he decided to violate the civil protective order in the case he was working on and turn the files over to the media, in the hopes of creating change in the LAPD.

Rather than reviewing the problem or recommending improvements, the LAPD sued Mullally for leaking the information. In 2002, after multiple appeals, Mullally was sentenced to 45 days in federal prison. None of the police officers he exposed were ever prosecuted for their crimes, and many continue to serve as gun-carrying LAPD officers.  Even the prosecutor in the case stated on record that this sentence was "extreme" for a violation of a civil protective order. Mullally is the first person in United States history to ever serve a jail term for this type of violation. He served his time in 2003, 6 years after he exposed the files..."

When the spouses and lovers of law enforcement agents ask for help to restrain their abusive law enforcement intimate partners but do not get it, why is it that society believes sex workers ought to 'get help' (being rescued for their own good) they don't ask for? Knowing that law enforcement officers are human and just as prone to violence as ANY OTHER human being, it is beyond me why the prohibitionists (those who want to abolish all prostitution/adult sex industry) would want to put the lives of those whom those prohibitionists deem 'victims' of 'exploitation' or 'degradation' in the hands of those who have proven they cannot be trusted to protect ANYONE- including their own families! If law enforcement agents can't keep from hurting the ones they supposedly love, how could they be expected to refrain from harming those whom society and the police believe are disposable human beings? (Cops have an unofficial term for prostitute victims of homicide- to them, we are NHIs- or "No Humans Involved..." and yet the media and society are convinced that we are better off in their custody????? All I can say to this utter nonsense is "Really?????")


If you are a law enforcement officer who was wrongly or falsely accused of domestic violence or abuse, and you have documentation to prove you did not do the crime, I am MORE than happy to remove your name from this list. I am very aware that accusations can be made against anyone by someone with a grudge against you and once the information is in a public space, it is very difficult to get the media to do an updated story to show you did not the crime of which you were accused. You can contact me through the "contact us" page- and please send  your name, the date that the media published a story and documentation that you did not, in fact, commit such a crime.

Resources for those who are victims of Officer Involved Intimate Partner Violence:

and further reading


NOTE: The majority of cases cited on this page are from  2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 2011 2010 and 2009 because they were the easiest to track down and link to the original stories. It doesn't indicate that there are more now than there were years ago- just that it is not as easy to locate those stories which predate the internet and the ability to search for the more recent cases.

As time passes, online newspapers tend to consign these types of stories to their archives where it is no longer possible to find the information. If you are unable to click on the links I have provided, please do a google search for the name to find the details of each case. I will provide links to pdfs of the stories in the future. For any journalist who may happen upon this list, these are not 'estimates' of victims of violent law enforcement agents, but actual cases.

You may notice that there are two different ways these names are posted-  I started doing it one way, but it is too time consuming so I now just post the year, name of the officer, where the officer or government employee works, rather than giving details about the crimes. Eventually all these names will be standardized for easier reference.

Here are just a few of the cases of law enforcement intimate partner violence:

                                who kill families

(Murders and murder -suicides are highlighted in yellow) CLICK ON THE LINK TO GO TO THE ORIGINAL STORY

Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 1983 John Walker | Police Officer Montrose PA/
  2. 1986- Stephanie Ilene Lazarus | Police Detective LAPD CA
  3. 1988- John Mobley ||Police Officer Retired Detroit MI Ex-cop  murders wife in Florida and is never caught!

Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 1992- Keith Carlen | Police Officer Oakland CA murder wife
  2. 1992 Joseph Kent McGowen | Sheriff Deputy Harris County TX/
  3. 1993 Paul Bennett | Police Officer Saugus MA/
  4. 1994 Robert Fratta | Police Officer Missouri City TX  was convicted of having his wife Farah killed
  5. 1994 Zebdee Wilson | Police Officer Milwaukee WI/


Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 1995 Jim Barton | Police Lt. Springboro OH murder spouse

Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 1998 Edward McCrary | Police Officer Milwaukee WI  allegedly flew into a rage. Rachel McCrary, six months pregnant at the time, said her husband threw a phone at her, court documents said.  McCrary was charged with disorderly conduct. But that charge was later dismissed.  Three months later, however, McCrary allegedly caused “bodily harm” to Rachel McCrary's cousin. The Milwaukee Police were again dispatched to the scene. This time, police took McCrary to the County Jail. He was charged with battery. Edward McCrary was a Milwaukee police officer. In fact, as of 2006 he still was, even though the battery incident resulted in a criminal conviction for disorderly conduct. For his conviction, Judge Amato sentenced Edward McCrary to 24 hours in jail. “The public will at least know that symbolically you went in for a day, and that's fair and that's just, and that hereby is the judgment of the court.” Judge Amato closed the case by saying McCrary had been punished enough.
  2. 1998 Fred Jesselli | Police Officer Staten Island NY  Police Officer  murder suicide
  3. 1998 Robert A. Brown II | Police Officer Milwaukee WI/


Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 1999 Heriberto Gonzalez | Police  Sergeant Newark NJ   murder suicide

Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2000 Phil Rees | Police Officer Seattle WA became intoxicated and violent. Wife calls for help. Rees' fellow officers arrive: "wife Jenifer Rees watched in disbelief as King County sheriff's deputies handed her intoxicated husband back his gun and let him drive away -- so he wouldn't miss work in the morning. "It was like, 'You're one of us, so you can leave,' " Jenifer Rees, 34, recalled. "He could have come back and blown my head off."
    Jenifer Rees says she was the victim of abuse at the hands of her former husband, Seattle police Officer Phil Rees. Jenifer said she knew her husband was armed and could track her down anywhere. He'd flown into a rage and slammed her into a wall, she told deputies, according to the police report. She showed them a scrape on the side of her head and said he had hurled a dresser drawer at her. But rather than further incite his wrath, she refused to cooperate in the investigation. Phil Rees denied the allegations. No charges were filed. The Seattle Police Department didn't discipline the veteran officer, who had been accused of domestic violence before, in 1998 and 1999."  (from Seattle Post Intelligencer "Cops who abuse their wives rarely pay the price" 2003 By RUTH TEICHROEB AND JULIE DAVIDOW SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTERS


Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2002 Alex Fagan Jr. | Police Officer San Francisco CA/
  2. 2002 Jeff Kelley McCord | Police Officer Pelham AL/
  3. 2002 John P. Hogan |Sheriff Deputy Santa Clara County CA  kills ex- wife's four children commits suicide
  4. 2002 Toby Robbins | State Trooper AK

Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2003 Curt Lubiszewski | Highway Patrol Officer Rohnert Park CA/
  2. 2003 David Brame |Police Chief Tacoma WA kills wife and himself in front of their children
  3. 2003 Glenn Woods | Police Lieutenant Kent WA  - arrested on suspicion of fourth-degree assault
  4. 2003 Matthew Owens | Police Officer Nome Alaska kills Sonya Dora Nitcuk Ivanoff
  5. 2003 Rodolfo A. Greene | Agent US Border Patrol  murder suicide
  6. 2003 Rodolfo Candelaria Jr | Agent US Border  murder suicide
  7. 2003 Paul Gumbert | Pollice Officer San Bernardino CA/

Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2004 Andrew Hamilton | Police Officer Kelso WA ... UPDATE 2009-  named chief of police of Kelso
  2. 2004 Andrew Hayslip | Police Corporal Albany GA  murder girlfriend, their son and suicide
  3. 2004 Drew Peterson | Police officer Bolingbrook Illinois killed wife & possibly another wife
  4. 2004 Heath Schumacher | State Trooper LA/
  5. 2004 Leslie McMillon | Corrections Officer Mercer County NJ
  6. 2004 Michael Waleskowski | Police Officer Waterford Township Illinois murder suicide

Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2007 David McGowan | District Attorney Investigator ex cop Riverside County CA  mass murder suicide killed his wife Karen, his young children his mother Angie, and himself
  2. 2005 Daniel Hiers | Police Officer Charleston SC  kills wife wanted for child sexual abuse
  3. 2005 John Ludwig | Detective U.S. Marshals Service murdered wife
  4. 2005 Leon Storr | Police Officer Miami Dade County FL murder suicide
  5. 2005 Michael L. Bochicchio | State Police Officer retired murder suicide
  6. 2005 Paul Terry | Sheriff Deputy Orange County FL  murdered his two children  suicide
  7. 2005 Rafael Balbontin | Police Officer Chicago IL  murdered his wife
  8. 2005 Richard Young | Police Officer Owens Crossing AL/
  9. 2005 Valerie Martinez | Police Officer Chicago IL wounds husband, then kills herself
  10. 2005 Victor Diaz | State Trooper Conn murder suicide

Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2006 Dan DeJarnette | Detective Los Angeles CA/ murder spouse
  2. 2006 Eric Brefini | Sheriff Deputy Knox County TN assault on spouse
  3. 2006 Jeffrey Dennis | Police Officer Dallas Township WY murder spouse
  4. 2006 Kevin Foley | State Trooper Pennsylvania arrested in killing his girlfriend's ex husband
  5. 2006 Lowell Bruce | Sheriff Deputy San Diego County CA  murder spouse
  6. 2006 Michael Mount | Police Officer Eustis FL murdered his wife, his friend, his friend's wife and himself
  7. 2006 Nicholas Minet | Police Officer Kansas City MO  kills 2 year old daughter of his girlfriend
  8. 2006 Randy McClendon | Jail Warden  Jackson County Mississippi jail murder spouse
  9. 2006 Robert Vanaman | Police Sergeant Millville NJ  murder spouse
  10. 2006 Zellnar Hicks |Retired Sheriff Deputy Los Angeles CA killed stepdaughter & shot his wife twice

Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2007 Alexis Chapparo | Police Officer NYPD NY murder girlfriend
  2. 2007 Bobby Cutts | Police Officer Canton OH murdered pregnant girlfriend
  3. 2007 Christopher Tahah | Police Officer Dodge City KS Murder
  4. 2007 David Cobb | Police Sergeant Detroit MI hired hitman to kill his wife
  5. 2007 David C. Murphy | Police Lieutenant Boston MA allegedly punched his girlfriend in the face
  6. 2007 Derek Duh | Sheriff Deputy Lehigh County PA murder suicide wife
  7. 2007 Donald Webb Jr | Corrections Officer Baltimore MD murder suicide attempted murder of son
  8. 2007 Felton Miles | Police Officer Seattle WA  authorities say he pushed his ex-wife and threatened to kill her boyfriend
  9. 2007 Frederick Maselli | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  10. 2007 Jeremy Brown | Police Officer Laguna NM attempted murder of ex wife  suicide
  11. 2007 Ken Huber | Police Chief Highmore SD murder spouse
  12. 2007 Kevin Brainard | Public Safety Officer Plainwell MI  murder suicide
  13. 2007 Kevin Locklear | Police Chief RAEFORD, N.C  attacks his wife- is arrested but not convicted
  14. 2007 Leonard F. Brown | Police Officer Randolph MA/
  15. 2007 Levi Chavez | Police Officer Albuquerque NM   murder spouse
  16. 2007 Patrick Gillick | Sheriff Deputy Orange County FL domestic suicide
  17. 2007 Paul Douglas Gill | Police Chief  Fordyce ARK murder wife
  18. 2007 Peter Riva | Police Officer Totowa NJ murder girlfriend
  19. 2007 Raymond Jedele | Police Officer Kitty Hawk NC/ murder
  20. 2007 Robert Grzywaczewski | Police Officer Cleveland OH murder suicide killed girlfriend
  21. 2007 Ronald Van Fossen | Police Officer  Alderman Davenport IA sentenced to one year and a day in prison Thursday on gun charges- because he was convicted in 2007 of domestic violence
  22. 2007 Sam Parker | Police Officer LaFayette GA murder wife
  23. 2007 Tyler James Peterson | Sheriff Deputy Forest County WI  shot 7 people- killing 6 of them including his ex girlfriend- before committing suicide

Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2008 Ronald Barnicoat | Police Officer Fort Walton Beach FL murder wife
  2. 2008 Richard McKeon | State College Police Officer Buffalo NY  murdered girlfriend
  3. 2008 Jeffrey Hamlet | Detention Officer Maricopa County AZ murder wife
  4. 2008 Ken DeKleine |Police Officer Holland MI murder wife
  5. 2008 William David O'Shell | Police Officer Lakewood CO  murder wife
  6. 2008 Jeff David Yager |Federal Agent murder wife
  7. 2008- Former Shelby County (TN) Jailer Monique Johnson killed her Memphis Police Officer  boyfriend Tony Hayes
  8. 2008- Chicago Police officer Dannie Marchon shoots his children then kills himself in bitter custody battle
  9. 2008- Simpson County (KY) sheriff's deputy Randall Creek killed Debbie Rediess
  10. 2008- Memphis (TN) Police Officer Chancy Jones kills girlfriend at gas station
  11. 2008- Irving (TX) Police Officer Pablo Colonvega kills wife, self in murder suicide
  12. 2008- DeKalb County (GA) Derrick Yancey murders wife and day laborer
  13. 2008- Merrillville (IN) police officer Daniel Venegas is charged with a felony count of strangulation and misdemeanor domestic battery with injury- is on leave for two years, gets his job back and then resigns
  14. 2008- Kennewick (WA) police officer Frank McLain arrested on suspicion of domestic battery
  15. 2008- West Richland (WA) police officer Brian Galusha charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault
  16. 2008- Milwaukee  (WI) police officer Patrick Fuhrman faced up to three and a half years in prison after investigators said he beat a woman. At the time of his arrest, he was a nine-year veteran of the police department. According to a criminal complaint, Fuhrman beat a woman (his wife) at his home. Fuhrman grabbed his wife by the neck and threw her to the ground. The force caused her to hit her head on the floor and bite her lip. He punched her several times in the head, then in the nose. While she was on the ground, he kicked her and stomped on her repeatedly, calling her a "n----- lovin' crazy whore woman." UPDATE: Jeffrey Greipp, then an assistant district attorney, initially charged Fuhrman with domestic violence-related substantial battery, a felony. A conviction on that charge would have cost him his job. Within five weeks, prosecutors reduced the felony charge against Fuhrman to misdemeanor battery, according to court records. A conviction on that charge would have knocked him off the force as well. Because his wife was the victim, he would not have been allowed to carry a gun under federal law. A deferred-prosecution agreement, signed by Assistant District Attorney Gilbert F. Urfer in March 2009, reduced the charge even more and saved Fuhrman's job
  17. 2008- San Francisco (CA) police patrol officer James Tacchini the son of patrol Deputy Chief Stephen Tacchini, in a dispute with his girlfriend involved in a 911 domestic abuse call alleging threatening conduct by the rookie officer son of a deputy police chief - an incident that was not documented with a police report
  18. 2008 Christopher Paciorkowski | Police Officer Elkhart IN/
  19. 2008 Darrick Cox | Police Chief Belle WV/
  20. 2008 Desmond Shorty | Police Officer New Orleans LA/
  21. 2008 James Tacchini | Police Officer San Francisco CA/


Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1.  Seattle (WA) Police Officer Scott Moss Protection Order Filed Against
  2. 2009- San Juan (TX) police officer Jose Hernandez murder suicide -kills wife Rosa Maria then self: Unreported history of domestic abuse in San Juan policeman's murder-suicide
  3. 2009- Bedford (IND) Officer Kyle Brown shoots girlfriend, Kathryn Tucker, then himself
  4. 2009- Seminole County (FL) Deputy Jeff Thomas murders girlfriend Jail Sgt. Melanie Lee and is shot by Sheriff's Deputies
  5. 2009- Bethesda (Maryland) Police Officer Frank Koci shot and killed his wife, Bonnie, then kills himself
  6. 2009 - Retired NYPD cop John Galtieri gets life in prison for murder of ex-wife, Jeanne Kane More on the story here: Ex NYPD Sgt. Galtieri Gets 32 Years To Life for killing wife Jeanne Kane
  7. 2009 - Detroit Det. Ed Williams kills wife, Officer Patricia Williams, and himself More on this story: Detroit Couple's Tragic Death Reflects Rise in Officer Suicides
  8. 2009- Utica NY Detective Joseph Longo kills wife Kristin Longo, then self with a knife after she files for divorce
  9. 2009- Texas Corrections Officer Albert Turner murdered his wife, Keitha Frank Turner and her mother Betty Jo
  10. 2009- A Washington state jury convicted former Medford police officer Brian Brush on Tuesday of aggravated first-degree murder in the shooting of a former girlfriend
  11. 2009- Pittsburgh (PA) police Sgt. Eugene Hlavac was charged yesterday with one count of aggravated assault of his ex-girlfriend
  12. 2009- NYPD Officer Darryl Fowler pleads guilty to 2009 Middle Island shooting of his ex wife
  13. 2009- Algonquin (IL) police sergeant Wade Merritt gets a domestic violence conviction
  14. 2009- Placer County (CA)  Sheriff's Lieutenant John Savage charged with firing multiple shots into the air in front of his home
  15. 2009- Sandwich (MA) Police officer Dennis Byrne accused of beating a man so severely that he required 37 stitches is appealing his firing by the town ( arrested again in 2011 for domestic violence)
  16. 2009- St. Albans (WV) police officer Ronald Mark Chapman faces 10 years in prison on a federal gun charge after admitting to stalking his ex girlfriend. At the time, Chapman was under a domestic violence protective order from his ex wife (update- in 2010, he was sentenced to 7 months home confinement)
  17. 2009- Lorain (OH) police Officer Jesus Sanchez...  the city agreed to pay Long $175,000 to settle a lawsuit woman had filed against the city, accusing it of turning a blind eye to the sexual misconduct of its officers, including Sanchez.. who received a 60 day sentence upon conviction for sexual stalking
  18. 2009- Imperial Beach (CA) sheriff's Deputy Leanno A. Martinez pleaded guilty in Chula Vista Superior Court yesterday to a felony charge of beating a live-in girlfriend He was charged with 5 felonies. He received 180 days in jail. Sheriff's Department officials are refusing to comment on "a personnel matter..."
  19. 2009- Chicago (Ill) Police Officer Anthony Abbate pleaded not guilty to 15 felony counts of aggravated battery, official misconduct, intimidation, conspiracy and communicating with a witness
  20. 2009- Milo (Maine) Police Chief Michael Poulin plead guilty to charges of assaulting his wife at a restaurant. Two members of the Milo Police department witnessed the incident. Poulin was sentenced to 10 days in jail, and ordered to pay a $1000 fine
  21. 2009- Retired New York City police officer Cecil Ramsay shot himself to death on the front lawn of a Long Island home after shooting and wounding an off-duty officer he thought was having an affair with his cop wife
  22. 2009-  Eliot (Maine) police officer Matthew Raymond criminal complaint against Raymond on domestic violence stalking charges
  23. 2009- Baltimore (MD) City police officer Patrick Dotson charged with attempted murder for firing his gun at a passing car in Canton after a fight with the car's driver update 2010: Dotson pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree assault. In exchange, the attempted murder charges were dropped. Dotson will be sentenced to 10 years in prison, with all but 18 months suspended and three years probation.
  24. 2009- Omaha (NB) Officer Sean Heyenga Arrested for Choking His Wife update: 2010- charges reduced and he gets 30 days in jail
  25. 2009- Boyton Beach (FL) Police Officer Thomas Jones was acquitted of strangulation and domestic battery charges stemming from the Jan. 31, 2009 but he was fired from his job
  26. 2009- Washoe County (NV) Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Weber has been arrested, accused of domestic battery
  27. 2009- Shreveport (LA) Officer Alain Jones Charged with Domestic Abuse Battery
  28. 2009- South Bend (IN) police officer Corporal Meredith Hanley arrested a domestic violence attack on her husband
  29. 2009- Oklahoma City (OK) police sergeant Darren Martin charged with three counts of domestic abuse after complaints that he struck his wife and teenage daughter
  30. 2009- Dillon County (SC) sheriff’s deputy Robert Grimsley arrested for a third time after police said he slashed his estranged girlfriend’s tires. Grimsley earlier this month was accused of violating a restraining order the alleged victim filed against him
  31. 2009- Rockford (Ill) Police Officer Donald Prine arrested and charged with aggravated domestic battery
  32. 2009- Hernando County (FL) deputy Jeffrey Swartz accused of assaulting wife will return to duty- Swartz was arrested on a count of misdemeanor domestic battery and was placed on administrative leave. Prosecutors later recommended that the charge be dropped because the wife (was too afraid to testify against him????) wouldn't testify
  33. 2009- Hamilton County (TN) Sheriff's Office Corrections Officer Robert L. Johnson, Jr. arrested for the second time in two months on domestic violence charge- charged with Simple Assault Domestic , Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Vandalism Domestic
  34. 2009- Coweta County (GA) Sheriff's Sgt. Deputy Clint Reynolds arrested for allegedly physically abusing his wife
  35. 2009- Palm Beach County (FL) Sheriff's deputy Arturo Ramirez arrested  on a misdemeanor battery charge
  36. 2009-  LaVergne (TN) police officer Joseph Pena arrested on charges of domestic assault and resisting arrest
  37. 2009- North Augusta (GA) Public Safety officer Brandon Cameron arrested for criminal domestic violence
  38. 2009- Atlanta Police Department Officer Reginald Fisher was indicted on two counts of aggravated assault, aggravated battery and violation of oath of office in connection with a shooting involving Tramaine Miller- Charges are also pending in Clayton County against Fisher for an unrelated domestic violence arrest in July 2009 (unknown resolution to the domestic violence charge but he was acquitted of the shooting charges)
  39. 2009- Warsaw (Indiana) Police Officer Joseph Klaehn arrested for allegedly slapping his wife several times
  40. 2009- Texas Highway Patrol trooper Jeremy Fountain stationed in Henderson charged with one count of assault-family violence, a third-degree felony
  41. 2009- California Highway Patrol  officer  Richard Joseph Handwork arrested on suspicion of inflicting corporal injury to a spouse or cohabitant and suspicion of willful cruelty to a child
  42. 2009- Pinal County (AZ) Sheriff's Corporal Able Porras arrested on suspicion of criminal damage, assault and prevention of the use of 911
  43. 2009- Gilbert (AZ) police officer Michael Turcotte and his wife Linda Turcotte convicted of domestic violence against each other- he received 1 year unsupervised probation and she received 3 years unsupervised probation
  44. 2009- St. Petersburg (FL) Police Officer Reynaldo Garnett Smith was cited for obstructing or opposing an officer without violence, a misdemeanor charge. Smith was accused of not cooperating with Hillsborough sheriff's deputies who responded to a domestic violence incident at his home
  45. 2009- New Orleans (LA)  police officer Desmond Shorty who was arrested last week after allegations he stole an expensive watch from a citizen while on a service call has been cited for crimes two other times during his more than two years on the police force- he was issued a municipal summons for domestic battery last September, and for public intoxication, public intimidation and resisting an officer last March, according to court records. Despite the criminal charges, Shorty was allowed to stay on as a police recruit and was slated to be promoted to the rank of officer.
  46. 2009- Lawrence County (AL) Sheriff Bryan Keith Hill and his wife Angela were both arrested for Domestic Violence Third Degree update: 2010- case against them was dismissed by Judge Angela Terry. Brian Hill, a republican, is running for sheriff and Terry, who was appointed to office by Gov. Bob Riley, is running for election as district judge.
  47. 2009- Beaufort County (SC) sheriff's deputy Cpl. Shane Clevenger was fired following an internal affairs investigation into allegations he beat his girlfriend. He faces a charge of criminal domestic violence
  48. 2009- Huntington Beach (CA) police officer James Roberts III accused of domestic abuse was arrested and will be charged with more than a dozen felonies in the battery of his wife and girlfriend UPDATE August 2010: James Roberts III, Ex-Huntington Beach Cop Accused of Rape, Sodomy and Other Abuse of Wife and Mistress, is Due in Court Today UPDATE Dec. 2010: Former Huntington Beach police officer faces up to 23 years in prison if convicted on all charges UPDATE (unknown disposition- no information available on possible conviction)
  49. 2009- Westminster (CA) police sergeant William Arganda fired after accusations that he used law enforcement databases to meet women and keep an eye on his ex-wife and ex-girlfriends pleaded guilty Friday to misdemeanor domestic violence and unlawful disclosure of DMV records.  He was sentenced to three years of informal probation, 100 hours of community service and five days of California Department of Transportation service. [ NJ note- but you want to put our non violent, non abusive clients in jail for WHAT??? yet you don't put abusive cops behind bars?
  50. 2009- Carmel (Ind) police Detective Brad Hedrick arrested on suspicion of domestic violence
  51. 2009- Waco (TX) police officer Chris Doles has landed behind bars for the second time in six days, accused of assaulting his ex-wife- was charged with double dipping  also
  52. 2009- Cedartown (GA)  police officer Cpl. Eddie Jimenez arrested after a domestic disturbance call at his home
  53. 2009- New Orleans (LA) Police Officer Henry L. Hollins arrested allegedly punching his wife in the mouth, is at the center of a wide-ranging internal investigation.  In November 2009 Officer Hollins also was charged with raping a prostitute and in 2011 was convicted Thankfully he was sentenced to 45 years in prison. Yes, indeed-  prostitutes are much safer with law enforcement officers than with their non violent, non abusive clients!!!!
  54. 2009- Murfreesboro (TN)  Police officer Finess Brown accused by his wife for the third time of hitting her during an argument Thursday at their home but No charges were placed against him
  55. 2009- Tacoma (WA) police officer Aaron James Joseph charged with second-degree assault and felony harassment UPDATE 2010  Pierce County prosecutors have dismissed felony charges against a  accused of pointing a gun at his wife and threatening to kill one of his colleagues. He can have that charge dismissed if he stays out of trouble for six months and pays related fines and fees
  56. 2009- Tulsa (OK) police Officer Ronald E. Montgomery was arrested Tuesday on charges accusing him of domestic assault and battery, pointing a weapon at his wife and interfering with an emergency telephone call.
  57. 2009- East Wenatchee (WA)  police officer Gregory W. Renggli was arrested Tuesday at his East Wenatchee home on suspicion of fourth-degree assault, domestic violence
  58. 2009- Sarpy County (Neb) deputy Dana Harrah has been arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault charges in the beating of her husband. In 2007 Harrah was named a Sarpy County Crime Stoppers officer of the year
  59. 2009- Florida Corrections officer Anthony Votta was taken into custody at his home and charged with felony battery on a pregnant woman (his wife)
  60. 2009- Lenoir County (NC) Deputy Sheriff George Bryan III Arrested For Assault- resigned as a  deputy the same day his wife reported that two weeks earlier he hit her
  61. 2009- Maysville (OK) Police Chief Robert Peterson remains on the job even after he was formally accused Tuesday of slapping his girlfriend during a recent incident at their home in Purcell. He was charged with misdemeanor domestic abuse UPDATE: A local police chief is out on bond after being arrested again for domestic abuse (he was also charged with abuse of the same woman in 2007 but remained chief of police after that)
  62. 2009- Pittsburgh (PA) police detective Alphonso C. Sloan has been put on desk duty and faces a preliminary hearing today on the second domestic violence charge filed against him in nine months. (he wasn't fired the first time???)
  63. 2009- Hartford  (Conn) police officer Christopher Sullivan resigned his position Thursday as part of the resolution of a criminal case he had pending in Superior Court in Rockville. He had been arrested several times on domestic violence charges. The sentence imposed for a 2009 incident included the requirement that he quit his police job.
  64. 2009- Former Quincy (FL)  Police Officer Ted Smith on Trial for domestic violence (he tried to strangle his wife) not guilty by reason of insanity but  will be sentenced to treatment at the Florida State hospital
  65. 2009- DeKalb County (GA) police lieutentant  Willie Durrett was arrested on child cruelty charges. UPDATE: 2011 Willie Durrett faces federal charges of accepting bribes in return for taking official action as a sergeant, and later as a lieutenant, with the DeKalb County Police Department (I guess he didn't lose his job for assaulting his daughter back in 2009, because when he was indicted for bribery in 2011, he resigned. Ya can't resign from a job you don't have... just sayin')
  66. 2009- Olathe (CO) police officer Michael Percival charged with two counts of domestic violence and two counts of third-degree assault in what appears to be years of physical and mental abuse of his girlfriend. UPDATE I: During trial, Investigators say the woman showed them two contracts allegedly written by Percival that concerned her hygiene, sexual behavior and clothing, and spelled out punishments, including beatings with a belt FINAL UPDATE Dec. 2010: Michael Percival will be on probation for the next year but could work in law enforcement again in the future, as the allegations of domestic violence were dropped, and a protection order in his case was modified to allow Percival access to firearms for purposes of employment, hunting and home defense
  67. 2009- South Bend (Ind) Police Sergeant Eric Downey placed on administrative leave for drunk driving and domestic battery charges UPDATE: a magistrate acquitted him on all charges
  68. 2009- Harlingen (TX) Department of Public Safety trooper Efrain Montemayor charged with assault/family violence was on duty when he was arrested
  69. 2009- Wilmington (NC) police officer James Rashad Eldridge charged with assault on a female
  70. 2009- Bartlett (TN) police officer Philip Devers accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend and threatening to set her on fire- faces aggravated domestic assault charges UPDATE 2010: Bartlett Police Accused of Covering up Abuse
  71. 2009- Oakwood (TX)  police chief Oly Ivy is in Leon County Jail in Centerville on Wednesday, charged with aggravated assault-  indicted for tasering his wife
  72. 2009- Saint Paul (MN) police officer Isaac Rinehart was arrested for domestic assault of his wife after she showed up at the hospital with obvious injuries, including to her face.
  73. 2009- Pima County (AZ)  Sheriff's Deputy Robert Lane Arrested for Domestic Violence claims he was fighting off his girlfriend
  74. 2009- Lowell (Ark) police officer Walter Reyna has been put on leave after being arrested for an assault on a family member
  75. 2009- Louisville (KY) Metro Police Lt. Jerald Fifer accused of assaulting his wife and threatening her with a gun in Florida was back in a courtroom Monday, this time in Louisville. He was arrested in Florda  on domestic violence charges, accused of hitting his wife.  Monday, the judge renewed the emergency protective orders his wife took out against him.  She and her family say they fear for their lives.
  76. 2009- Baltimore (MD) police officer Arnold L. Ford Jr. arrested on a domestic violence charge after allegedly assaulting his wife, who is also a city police officer
  77. 2009- Victoria County (TX) Sheriff's deputy Kelly Tillmon is on trial for assault/family violence. He resigned from the sheriff's office after being charged in 2009
  78. 2009- Former NYPD detective Christopher Hanney wielding a butcher knife and a claw hammer attacked his estranged wife, set her on fire — then claimed she and a masked man tried to kill him in their Florida home. UPDATE 2012- he was convicted
  79. 2009- Former Bay Pines (VA) Medical Center police officer Myron Stenhouse shot his wife twice — once in the throat and then in the heart. UPDATE: He was convicted of the murder

Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2010- NY State Corrections Officer Patrick Maynard fatally shot his wife, Rose Maynard, then shot himself
  2. 2010- Parker(FL)  Police officer Mark Bomia killed ex-girlfriend Anna Beach on Sept. 30, 2010, while on duty and in uniform
  3. 2010- Chicago (Ill) Police Officer Norberto Rodriguez kills wife Irma- she feared for her life
  4. 2010- ATF agent Daniel Raponi apparently kills wife, self in Flagstaff AZ
  5. 2010 - Charlotte Grahn expressed fear of her husband, Clackamas County (ORE) sheriff's Sgt. Jeffrey A. Grahn,  before murder-suicide, relative says. Grahn shot his wife and two of his wife's friends, then left and shot himself dead
  6. 2010- Sunbury (PA) Police Officer Michael Miller fatally shot his wife Robin Lee Miller, then shot himself
  7. 2010- Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Eddie Silcox shot his wife and then killed himself in an apparent murder-suicide
  8. 2010 -Pierce Co (WA) Deputy Allen Myron kills parents of wife, then self
  9. 2010 - Madison Co. Alabama Sheriff's Deputy Jason Earl threatens to kill wife, both are shot dead by cops
  10. 2010- Philadelphia (PA)  Cop Rudolph Gary Charged With Murder of his brother in law after his girlfriend's cell phone got wet in a water fight
  11. 2010- Oxford Alabama Officer William Hancock kills wife and son before killing himself
  12. 2010- Deputy John Britton provided wife with gun to commit suicide- UPDATE: 2012 plead to felony criminal recklessness- faces 6 months to 3 years in prison. Sentencing April 20, 2012
  13. 2010- Danville (IN) Assistant Police Chief Jerry Cunningham arrested for domestic violence
    More on this case: Danville-police-officer-arrested-for-battery
  14. 2010- Cocoa (FL) Deputy Chief Bobby Jones is under investigation for what's being called "dating violence"
  15. 2010- New Mexico State Police officer Adrian Vigil will go on trial in Taos next month on domestic violence charges
  16. 2010- Walton County (FL)  Sheriff's Deputy Jerid Day gets 15 years for aggravated child abuse of his infant daughter
  17. 2010- Eureka (CA) Police Officer Daniel Jason Kalis to stay away from his ex-wife and his four kids
  18. 2010-  Los Angeles sheriff's deputy Sean Paul Delacerda faces trial on charges of assaulting ex-girlfriend
  19. 2010- Charges against Merced (CA) ex-deputy Johnny Mathis may be dropped Accused of pushing his wife, he'll have to complete counseling to settle case  A misdemeanor spousal abuse case against a former Merced County sheriff's deputy will be dismissed, pending his completion of counseling sessions., 38, was accused of pushing his wife, an on-duty dispatcher with the department, while he was in uniform and on duty
  20. 2010- Grand Traverse (MI) County Sheriff's Deputy Kipp Needham was arrested by Michigan State Police Troopers  for two counts of domestic violence, possession of a firearm while intoxicated, and resisting & obstructing a police officer causing injury
  21. 2010- Lawrence (MA) Police Officer Daron Fraser found guilty of domestic assault and battery of pregnant girlfriend
  22. 2010- Monroeville (OH) Police Officer Wallace Johnson threatened to kills his wife in a domestic violence case in which no charges were filed ( in 2011 he was  involved in a fight with another cop and was convicted of disorderly conduct, after which he resigned)
  23. 2010- Jackson Township (PA) police officer Kenneth Bowland is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, terroristic threats and reckless endangerment
  24. 2010- Montgomery County (MD) police officer Gregory Wallace Phillips has been ordered to stay away from his wife and children - for a second time - after his estranged wife says he threatened her with a gun and pointed a Taser at their 4-year-old daughter
  25. 2010- Franklin (TN) police officer Steven Morris was arrested after a domestic incident involving his wife
  26. 2010- (WA) Corrections officer Cornelius Davis arrested on suspicion of trying to rape his wife at gunpoint - suspicion of attempted first-degree rape while armed with a deadly weapon and felony harassment- His bail was set at $5,000
  27. 2010- Jacksonville (FL)  police officer Michael E. Williams on voluntary leave without pay is in the Clay County jail on charges of violating an injunction for protection against domestic violence
  28. 2010- [PA] Pittsburgh Police Officer Dwayne Ausbrooks arrested on domestic assault charge
  29. 2010- Austin (TX) Police Officer Leonardo Quintana was booked into jail for four misdemeanor charges filed by Leander Police in connection with an alleged [cop-on-cop] domestic violence
  30. 2010- San Antonio (TX) Police Lt. Lee Rakun has repeated domestic allegations and many suspensions yet San Antonio Police Lt. Lee Rakun's RANK keeps rising... charges are dismissed "but was dismissed, in part, so not to jeopardize Rakun's career..."
  31. 2010- Vian (OK) Assistant Police Chief Brian Chandler was arrested after he assaulted his girlfriend... His girlfriend said in police reports she was very scared of Chandler due to the fact of HIS POSITION AND LACK OF DISCIPLINE by other officers and departments
  32. 2010- Iva (SC) police officer Curtis Hamilton Brickle arrested for making a threatening phone call to his estranged wife
  33. 2010- Lakewood (OH)  police officer Victor Celis under investigation after an alcohol-related incident at the annual Oktoberfest celebration in Leavenworth resigned Friday in lieu of being fired
  34. 2010- Camden (NJ) police officer Shane Sampson was arrested Sunday in the alleged stalking of his ex-wife  after he was indicted for using his influence to have her wrongly arrested on a child-custody matter
  35. 2010- Boswell (OK) Police officer Ricky Lewis Archer was arrested for assault and battery
  36. 2010- White Township (PA) police officer Eric Squicquero charged with animal cruelty after he tried to kill his estranged wife's two dogs - one dead and another clinging to life...
  37. 2010- Foley (AL) police officer James Andrew Klein is on paid administrative leave after he and his girlfriend  were arrested on domestic violence charges...
  38. 2010- Warren (OH) police officer Jeff Miller and his wife were both arrested on domestic violence charges
  39. 2010- Phoenix (AZ) Police Officer Sutton Wohlman accused of choking his girlfriend and punching a responding officer
  40. 2010- Las Vegas (NV) police officer Roberto Angulo pushed his ex-girlfriend into a stucco wall and bit her nose early Sunday morning after arguing with her about custody of their child...Angulo was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery
  41. 2010- Cook County (Ill)  Jail Corrections officer Alexander Rojo kills wife and himself- three weeks before that, his wife filed for divorce
  42. 2010- Lancaster (PA) city police officer Jose Luis Diaz charged with assault for allegedly hitting a woman's car with his own vehicle in Dauphin County, forcing her off the road and into an embankment-  domestic simple assault and reckless endangerment
  43. 2010- Southbury (CT) police officer Anton Tchorzyk arrested  for disorderly conduct and  suspended with pay Tuesday following his second arrest in two months (he was not prosecuted for these charges- but in June, 2011, he committed suicide- thankfully he did not take his girlfriend with him)
  44. 2010- Ishpeming (MI) police officer Ron Schultz charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence was sentenced Tuesday at Marquette County District Court-- he was fined over $600 and will see no jail time unless he fails to pay the fines in a timely manner
  45. 2010- Milwaukee (WI) police Officer Mark Lelinski arrested for domestic violenceLelinski has been arrested on domestic violence allegations before, in 1999 and 2007/    Officer Lelinski's wife has been denied a restraining order by Assistant Family Court Commissioner Dean B. Zemel in 2007, Officer Lelinski's brother, also a Milwaukee police Officer, Steven Lelinski was sentenced to two decades behind bars for using his job as a police officer to sexually assault women
  46. 2010- Dade County (GA) Sheriff’s Office deputy Steven Pryor who was fired in 2010 after reportedly grabbing his estranged wife during an argument was arrested again in 2011 on similar charges- was charged with kidnapping, two counts of disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and battery
  47. 2010- BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) North Dakota  officer Duane Gunville stabbed wife A Bureau of Indian Affairs police officer for the Spirit Lake Nation is accused of stabbing his wife in the chest with a kitchen knife
  48. 2010- U.S. Customs Agent Joel Gonzalez Jr. is facing charges of assault causing physical violence and domestic violence on his pregnant wife
  49. 2010- U.S. border patrol agent René Joel Valenciano arrested  for domestic violence. According to reports, he hit his wife in the face with his service weapon
  50. 2010- Elgin  (ND) Police Chief Randall Hoffman charged with sexual abuse of minor AND harassing his wife (you can also find info on this lovely law enforcement agent who was a police chief in our section on cop pedophiles)
  51. 2010- Creve Coeur (Ill) police officer Jeremy Ellis arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm, domestic battery and criminal trespass to a residence (and it wasn't the first time)
  52. 2010- Birmingham (ALA) police officer Joe Fenison arrested on charges of domestic violence
  53. 2010- Phoenix (AZ)  police officer Ricardo Orosco arrested in woman's beating
  54. 2010- Milwaukie  (OR) police detective Thomas E. Garrett arrested on suspicion of assaulting the mother of his child
  55. 2010- Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) Officer Timothy Gerald Arrested for Domestic Violence
  56. 2010- Chesapeake (VA)  deputy Jamey Ray Woods resigns after being charged with assault
  57. 2010- Russell County (ALA) corrections officer Candy McGuire charged with first-degree assault after a domestic dispute ended with her husband shot in the abdomen
  58. 2010- Conway (OH) Police officer Jeffrey Charles Gore has been suspended without pay pending an investigation into criminal domestic violence
  59. 2010-  Lowell (MA) police officer Robert Rhodes arrested for domestic violence
  60. 2010- Lakeland (FL)  police lieutenant Ralph Schrader Guilty of Stalking Ex-Wife Gets 30 days  in Jail
  61. 2010- Oklahoma City (OK) police officer Michael Charles Sumpter Jr. arrested for domestic assault
  62. 2010- Horry County (SC) Patrol Officer Nick Petrone arrested for Criminal Domestic Violence
  63. 2010- Philadelphia (PA) police officer Michael Minor Arrested for beating his girlfriend and threatening to kill her family
  64. 2010- Shelby County (TN) Corrections Officer Curtis Glenn Moore arrested for shooting his wife
  65. 2010- Escambia County (FL) Sheriff's deputy Sgt. Edward Henley is accused of beating his wife
  66. 2010- Pocatello (ID) Police Sgt. Greg Huerta suspended with pay pending resolution of a domestic battery charge: the allegations span several years and include verbal and physical abuse of the victim, with some of the physical confrontations leading to injuries
  67. 2010- Columbus (OH) Police Officer Richard Evans Charged With Domestic Violence: "If Evans is convicted of domestic violence, he could lose his badge" (but not necessarily) and  [OH] OFFICER EVANS ARRESTED AGAIN FOR COP ON COP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE
  68. 2010- Charlotte County (FL)  corrections officer Thaddeus Boston was arrested in North Port today on domestic violence charges- faces domestic battery and false imprisonment charges
  69. 2010- Pierce County (Tacoma WA) Corrections Officer UNNAMED Arrested for Pointing Weapon During Domestic Assault- The News Tribune is not naming the officer because he’s not been charged (but he was arrested.....)
  70. 2010- Louisville (KY) Metro Police officer Kelly Maloney charged with fourth-degree assault domestic violence
  71. 2010- Boston (MA) police officer Leonard F. Brown charged with violently shaking and injuring his 8-year-old daughter. In July 2007, Brown was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, making threats and violating an abuse-prevention order. Police said Brown displayed a black handgun to an acquaintance during a dispute, saying, “Do you know who you are (expletive) with?” The charges were dismissed the following year. He remained working as a police officer.
  72. 2010- Oklahoma City  (OK) police officer Lorie Davis accused of punching her husband in the face has been arrested on one complaint of domestic violence.
  73. 2010- Former Lake City  (SC) police officer Alan Shelley arrested for assaulting woman
  74. 2010- Pojoaque (NM) police officer Kevin Valdez was arrested after reports of domestic violence
  75. 2010- Yakima (WA)  state trooper Trent Clasen was booked into the Yakima County jail on a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence assault.. he allegedly punched his wife in the head. UPDATE: Yakima state trooper arrested on suspicion of domestic violence will not be charged, a special prosecutor said Friday. In a brief statement to sheriff's deputies, Clasen denied assaulting his wife. [Naw- really? You think he is going to confess and lose his job and maybe go to prison?]
  76. 2010- Honolulu (HA) Police Lieutenant Jason Kawabata arrested on suspicion of abuse of a family member. The alleged victim is Kawabata's wife, who is a sergeant in the department
  77. 2010- Richmond (VA) police officer Carlos Jerome Martin, who resigned his job as a  as part of a plea agreement in an earlier case, most recently has been working as an in-home counselor and also as a criminal-justice instructor...was arrested and charged with malicious wounding of a woman... According to a criminal complaint, the woman said she got into an argument with Martin and that during the fight, he punched her "about the face several times" and held her to the floor, striking her. The woman's face was "severely swollen" and she had two black eyes...
  78. 2010- Fort Myers (FL) police officer Joseph Martinez has been arrested and charged with domestic battery by strangulation and domestic violence battery

    2010- Butte County (CA) sheriff's deputy Harold R. Horner was booked on suspicion of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse and making criminal threats, as well as on two misdemeanors, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood-alcohol level of .10 or greater- the case will remain under police investigation, but it is not clear if the case will be prosecuted. [if this had been an ordinary citizen, would there be any ambiguity over the prosecution of the perpetrator???]
  79. 2010- Former Jacksonville police officer Arnold Rice Sharkey has died of an apparent suicide in a Seattle jail. He was being held on a fugitive warrant at the King County jail when he was found hanging in the cell Saturday, according to jail records and information from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Sharkey was released from jail in Jacksonville Aug. 25, 2010 where he was serving a six-month sentence on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He had been jailed since March and resigned from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office after he was accused of ramming a vehicle occupied by his former wife and her brother.

    2010- Greenville (SC) Police Officer Donald Doug Ross Jr. charged with assault- after he got into a verbal argument with the victim. When the victim tried to leave, Ross would not let her. The warrant says that's when Ross physically assaulted the victim by throwing her on the ground, punching her, pinning her down with his knees, and choking her until she became dizzy. The warrant goes on to say, while Ross was holding the victim down, he poured water down her nose and mouth, making it hard for her to breathe. He resigned in June 2010.
  80. 2010- Riverside County (CA)  sheriff's deputy Jaime Morales was arrested for alleged battery on a spouse and assault with a deadly weapon
  81. 2010- West Melbourne (FL) police officer William Young arrested and accused of trying to force a female acquaintance to perform oral sex in a car. He later resigned.
  82. 2010- Newark (NJ) police officer Bobby Hartless accused of domestic violence still on duty - he was arrested after a 17-year-old girl said he punched her in the head, slammed her against the wall and kicked her repeatedly, according to police records. He was charged with disorderly conduct, a fourth-degree misdemeanor.
  83. 2010- Maryland State Police trooper Timothy McKendrick suspended without pay after a former girlfriend accused him of pointing a gun at her.
  84. 2010- Del Norte County (CA)  sheriff's Deputy Daniel Schneck arrested on suspicion of domestic violence
  85. 2010- Sargent County (ND) Sheriff's Deputy David Kozok is on paid administrative leave after being arrested in Fargo early Tuesday morning. Kozok  wascharged with disorderly conduct. Police were called to the Ramada hotel at 3 a-m on a report of a domestic assault.
  86. 2010- Hartford (Conn) police Officer Christopher White arrested after a fight in his home...  The officer is facing charges of two counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of threatening and assault, and illegal use of a firearm...Police say White was also arrested back in 2004 for road rage... (but apparently nothing happened to him for that incident...)
  87. 2010- Santa Rosa County (FL) reserve sheriff’s deputy Kyle Jackson Burns accused of severely beating his girlfriend and arrested him. Burns, who also is former detention deputy at the Santa Rosa County Jail, was charged with aggravated domestic battery and domestic battery by strangulation, both felonies.
  88. 2010- Albany (NY) police officer Steven G. Silver suspended without pay following his arrest for allegedly shoving an ex-girlfriend. He was charged with one count of second-degree harassment
  89. 2010- Tulsa (OK) police officer Eric J. Hill who was cooperating with a federal grand jury’s inquiry into police corruption was arrested  on a domestic assault and battery complaint
  90. 2010- Medina (TN)  police officer Kevin Dwayne Vester charged with domestic assault told investigators he may have assaulted a woman, but he does not remember doing it, according to an affidavit in the case.
  91. 2010- Saratoga County (NY) Sheriff’s deputy Brent Dupras was arrested and charged with burglary. He is charged with second-degree burglary, a felony. The state police online blotter characterizes the incident as "domestic." He broke into his ex girlfriend's home- the victim woke to find Dupras in her bedroom and an argument ensued. The woman tried to call 911 on her cell phone and Dupras allegedly grabbed it out of her hand.
  92. 2010- Lee County (KY) Sheriff Donnie Hogan arrested after police responded to a domestic disturbance call between Sheriff Hogan and his girlfriend. While police aren't giving many details, they do say Hogan assaulted his girlfriend. UPDATE: Donnie Hogan is still Sheriff of Lee County
  93. 2010- Baxter County (AR) Sheriff's Deputy Brian Rowe Charged with Domestic Assault
  94. 2010- Albany (NY)  Police Officer Robert E. Schunk- Albany cop convicted of counts in Halfmoon domestic violence case
  95. 2010 Daniel Travis Lowe | Police Chief Burden OK/
  96. 2010 Richard Craig | Police Officer Struthers OH/


Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2011- Red Springs Assistant Police Chief Kevin Locklear, fired from being police chief in another city for domestic assault on his ex wife, calls 911 when his NEW wife or fiancee Amanda Graham Barker committed suicide while he was in the other room (no further information is available at this time)
  2. 2011- Officer Deon Cartmell accused of killing his wife, Shari Bethel Cartmell
  3. 2011 -Sheriff's Deputy Danny Ray Brewer accused of killing his wife, Jennifer Cunningham Brewer
  4. 2011- Ex-SWAT Officer Craig Thompson domestic violence killed by cops in standoff
  5. 2011- Former San Diego County Sheriff's Department deputy Kenny Castro Garcia under investigation over his possible role in the death of his wife Vicki J. Barnett Garcia
  6. 2011- Birmingham Police Officer Rodney Wilson kills himself and his wife Uteva Wilson
  7. 2011- CMPD (NC) Officer Jeremy Hester shot his ex-wife, Erin Cobb, then turned the gun on himself (if you read his obituary, you'd never know that he had committed murder and then suicide- just that he was a wonderful human being who died tragically....)
  8. 2011- Reserve officer and Department of Corrections employee Ben Hankins for the Gaston, IN, police department is under arrest for allegedly murdering his estranged wife Lisa "Nettie" Peterson Hankins
  9. 2011- Department of Corrections Officer(AZ) Anthony Rinaldi fatally shoots his wife Amanda Rinaldi at their Phoenix AZ home
  10. 2011- Danville Indiana Officer Chris Gill (whose father is chief of police)  accused of domestic violence by his wife, who fears for her life
  11. 2011- Belle (WV) Police Officer Daniel Dodd charged with domestic battery again (was fired from Charleston PD) : Update- the woman who filed charges against him was arrested for filing a false report- in a town where in 2007 the chief of police himself been arrested and charged with domestic violence... women don't stand a chance in this town against the violent cops)
  12. 2011- Ex-cop Eddy Coello was yanked out of his Bronx hideaway today and arrested in the grisly strangulation death of his estranged wife Tina Adovasio
  13. 2011- Department of Corrections Officer (FL) Johnny Tucker charged with domestic battery
  14. 2011- New York State Police Capt. Tom Phelan took his own life after stabbing his estranged wife in the neck
  15. 2011- Alice (TX) police officer Jose Gonzales III, gunned down common law wife Leslie Morin inside the home
  16. 2011- Dallas Police Officer Rashad Davis wanted for aggravated assault of his girlfriend
  17. 2011- Bad Axe (MI) Chief of Police Gary E. Bucholtz kills wife and self
  18. 2011- Sedgwick County (KS) Sheriff's deputy Brett Seacat accused of killing his wife talked about divorce in the hours before his wife's death
  19. 2011- Franklin County (VA) Sheriff's deputy Jonathan Agee, shot and killed his wife Jennifer Agee
  20. 2011- New Orleans Harbor Police Officer /Corporal Melvin Anderson charged with domestic violence charges after Brandy began speaking out
  21. 2011- Mustang (OK) Officer Blaine Condreay, accused of beating stepdaughter, still on job
  22. 2011- Buena Vista Township (MI) Police officer Ken Bluew charged with first-degree murder in the death of Jennifer Webb and her unborn child, Braxton
  23. 2011- Colonial Regional (PA) Dean Benner police officer charged with assaulting his estranged wife
  24. 2011- Tulsa (OK) Detective Roger Smith accused of Domestic Assault but charges dismissed when witness decides not to go forward with charges against the officer
  25. 2011- South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Agent Charles Boyette killed girlfriend in his murder suicide
  26. 2011- MO police officer Clay Waller suspect in the disappearance of his wife Jacque Sue Rawson-Waller
  27. 2011- Lincoln CO (NE) Chief Deputy Dean Sparks violation of a restraining order violation
  28. 2011- Washington DC Police Officer Richmond Phillips - working as a vice detective- accused of killing mistress Wynetta Wright and her baby daughter Jaylin
  29. 2011- Lorain (OH) Police Officer William Lachner faces a domestic violence charge after his girlfriend accused him of assaulting her
  30. 2011- Lorain County (OH) Sheriff's Divison Corrections Officer William Dembie Jr. calmly confessed to killing his wife, Holly Dembie
  31. 2011- Lorain (OH) State Trooper Kenneth Velez- The wife of an Ohio Highway Patrol trooper has taken out a temporary domestic violence protection order after he allegedly threatened to kill her...
  32. 2011- Elkins (WV) police officer Willard Lewis charged with kidnapping, domestic battery and domestic assault and a dispute with his wife
  33. 2011- Orange County (FL) Deputy Sheriff Michael Dunn Arrested, Relieved Of His Duty Following Domestic Violence
  34. 2011- Piscataway (NJ) police detective SWAT Team member Sgt. David Powell violated a restraining order was shot and killed during a nine-hour standoff at his home
  35. 2011- LRPD (Little Rock ARK) officer John Bracey pleads not guilty after reportedly punching wife in front of their children
  36. 2011- Retired Bedford (MA) police officer John “Jack” Brosnahan killed his wife’s mother and her two brothers, then himself
  37. 2011- Wichita Falls (TX) police officer Gerald Anthony Morgan was arrested on allegations he assaulted his wife and two young children
  38. 2011- Retired New York Police Officer Clarence Cash shot his state investigator wife, Tracey Young, multiple times, killing her
  39. 2011- Phoenix (AZ) Police Officer Armando Ramirez arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife
  40. 2011- Opa-Locka (FL) Police Sgt. German Bosque fired five times and arrested three... Off duty, he was accused by women of domestic violence and stalking
  41. 2011- Mentor (OH) Police Officer and Lake County Sheriff's Special Deputy Gary Stroud was charged with the murder of his ex wife
  42. 2011- New Hartford (NY) police officer Christopher Burns has resigned in light of criminal charges alleging that he choked his wife during a domestic incident
  43. 2011- San Jose (CA) police officer Chris Shimek killed his soon to be ex- wife and himself in murder-suicide
  44. 2011- Wife of unnamed Thurston County (WA) Sheriff's detective is afraid- recants so he won't kill her and the kids
  45. 2011- Michigan State Police Trooper Gregory H Filpus arrested on child abuse and domestic violence
  46. 2011- Philadelphia (PA) Officer Darryl Cathey is accused of assaulting his former girlfriend
  47. 2011- Forsyth County (GA) Sheriff’s deputy Eric Weaver has been suspended following his arrest on a domestic violence charge
  48. 2011- Tolleson (AZ) Police Sgt. Antonio Dominguez has been charged with "criminal damage and two counts each of assault and disorderly conduct, all domestic-violence infractions- not real crimes"
  49. 2011- Oxnard (CA)  police detective Erik Mora was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence
  50. 2011- Oxnard (CA) police officer Joe Tinoco Jr was arrested Tuesday for domestic violence against a 38-year-old woman
  51. 2011- Velda City (MO) Police Sgt. James E. Kuehnlein was charged with the felony charge of kidnapping, inflicting injury, terrorizing, second-degree domestic assault and two counts of misdemeanor domestic assault
  52. 2011- Kern County (CA) reserve sheriff's deputy Charles Thompson accused of trying to kill his wife will not go to trial- instead he will  serve 3 years probation
  53. 2011- Former Opelousas (LA) Police Officer Donald Pickney has been arrested and charged with killing his wife
  54. 2011- Clark County (IN) Sheriff's Lt. Co. John Shelton arrested for domestic battery- returns to work
  55. 2011- Massachusetts State Trooper Derrick Costa charged with domestic assault and battery
  56. 2011- Memphis (TN) police officer Anita Bennet arrested on domestic assault charges after a fight with her husband
  57. 2011- Des Moines (IA) police officer Stewart Drake charged with domestic assault
  58. 2011- Paden City (WV) Police Chief Michael Billiter Arrested for Domestic battery on his wife and her parents
  59. 2011- West Memphis (TN) police officer Phillip Frazier charged with domestic battery on his stepchild
  60. 2011- Volusia County (FL)  sheriff's deputy Michael Stott was arrested  on a domestic battery charge
  61. 2011- Fort Myers (FL) police officer O’Neil Kerr has been fired following a March arrest stemming from a physical altercation with his wife
  62. 2011- Arapahoe County (CO) sheriff’s deputy Wendy Hansen was arrested for menacing with a gun and domestic violence
  63. 2011- Philadelphia (PA) Police Narcotics Officer John Mouzon arrested for simple assault and recklessly endangering another person
  64. 2011- Department of Corrections (MI)  State Officer Jesus "Jessie" Flores shoots wife and then himself in murder suicide
  65. 2011- New Mexico State Police Officer Calvin Lucero arrested on charges of choking and beating his wife
  66. 2011- Winston-Salem (NC) police officer John Patterson Berry arrested after he allegedly assaulted a woman with whom he lives
  67. 2011- Saint Matthews (KY) Police Officer Frank Jeffcote is on paid administrative leave after he was charged with a domestic violence assault
  68. 2011- Gregory (TX) Police Chief Joseph Roberts faces domestic assault charges and   his wife Monica fears for her life
  69. 2011- Pittston Township (PA) police officer Matt Brokenshire in murder suicide with girlfriend
  70. 2011- Dallas (TX)  Police Officer Daniel Lamont Crouch arrested after wife accuses him of assaulting her
  71. 2011- Dallas (TX) Police Officer James Andrews Accused Of Domestic Violence
  72. 2011- Dallas (TX) Police Officer Brian William Deininger Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges
  73. 2011- Dallas (TX)  police officer Victor Esparza was arrested on domestic violence charges
  74. 2011- Luzerne County (PA) Deputy Sheriff Jennifer M. Roberts arrested on charges she assaulted new girlfriend of her former companion, Deputy Sheriff Mary Jean Farrell
  75. 2011- Milo (ME) Officer Damien Pickel was arrested after his then-wife reported that she had been assaulted by him (Charges were dismissed by the police chief, Pickel had resigned and was re-instated)
  76. 2011- Philadelphia (PA)  Police Officer Sean Jang was arrested by fellow Philadelphia officers and  charged with aggravated assault
  77. 2011- New Orleans police officer Jermaine Lacour was arrested for violating a restraining order prohibiting him from contacting ex-girlfriend UPDATE: New Orleans Parish jury convicted a New Orleans police officer of a felony weapons charge on Wednesday for firing a handgun outside his former girlfriend's home in late 2010
  78. 2011- Eudora (KS)  police officer Thomas Clinton Leahew was arrested after after a woman reported Leahew struck her, causing minor injuries
  79. 2011- Kalamazoo (MI) police officer Steve Luthy arrested for domestic violenceUPDATE 2012: CHARGES REDUCED, PAID FINE IS BACK ON DUTY AS A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER.....
  80. 2011- Horry County (SC) Police Detective John David Gonska fight over Superbowl- arrested for domestic violence
  81. 2011- Massachusetts State Trooper Brian Dunn faces hearing after domestic incident
  82. 2011- Sunland Park (NM) Officer Juan Salcedo Arrested for Rape, Assault of his long time girlfriend
  83. 2011- Former MPD (Dallas TX) officer Troy Daniel dead, wife injured in attempted murder-suicide
  84. 2011- Ada County (ID) Jail Deputy Michael James Lee pleaded guilty to kidnapping and sexually assaulting his wife, fatally stabbing his mother and assaulting the woman who lived with his mother
  85. 2011- Newburgh (NY) Officer Roger Roth faces charges in domestic case
  86. 2011- Walla Walla (WA) Deputy Kenton Boyd arrested for investigation of a 4th degree assault in connection with a possible domestic violence incident
  87. 2011- Niagara Falls (NY)  police officer Henry J. Walerowicz was arrested for misdemeanor assault stemming from an alleged domestic violence
  88. 2011- DeSoto County (FL)  Sheriff's Deputy Luis J. Barajas charged after beating wife bloody and reportedly trying to kill officers
  89. 2011- Hempstead (NY)  Detective William Fowlkes beats his cop- wife senseless, pleads guilty to misdemeanors and gets no jail time
  90. 2011- Snohomish County (WA)  sheriff's deputy Rex Haunold -Prosecutors have declined to file any charges against a  arrested earlier this year for investigation of assaulting his wife
  91. 2011- Chattanooga (TN) police officer Leroy Wright Jr. charged with one count of domestic simple assault
  92. 2011- Forsyth County (NC)  sheriff's deputy Sgt. Jonathan G. Jones has been fired after an internal investigation into allegations that he assaulted his wife by grabbing her and throwing a pumpkin at her
  93. 2011- Passaic County (NJ)  Sheriff’s Department detective Douglas Laverty has been charged with simple assault
  94. 2011- Valencia County (NM) Sheriff's sergeant Christopher LaBate arrested on a charge of battery on a girlfriend
  95. 2011- San Diego (CA) police officer Roel Vincente Tungcab arrested on suspicion of domestic battery
  96. 2011- Rockmart (GA) police officer Randy Poole charged with one count cruelty to children in the second degree and was released on his own recognizance
  97. 2011- Medford (MA) Police Officer Gregory Hudson, most recently given probation and suspension for soliciting a prostitute, had previously been charged for assault and battery after "allegedly" choking his wife
  98. 2011- [VT] Vermont State Trooper Timothy Newton accused of punching fiancee in the face in front of 4 year old girl
  99. 2011- Glendale (AZ) police officer Brent Thomas won't face abuse charges despite  the fact that Thomas' wife told police Thomas had abused her for seven to 10 years. She also shared photos of injuries she said resulted from the abuse
  100. 2011- Covington (GA) Police Officer Stanley Moore was charged with battery against his girlfriend
  101. 2011- Miami-Dade Police Sgt. Reinaldo Ruiz was arrested on domestic violence charges
  102. 2011- Babbitt (MN) Police officer Travis William Lindberg was arraigned in Carlton County Court on one felony count of domestic assault by strangulation and one misdemeanor count of domestic assault (the rest of the story? He was sentenced to 90 days in jail )
  103. 2011- Wilson County (TN) Sheriff Lt. John Patrick Edwards indicted on a bunch of crimes including attempted murder of his wife
  104. 2011- Pueblo (CO) Police Officer Jonathan Adams is charged with third-degree assault, harassment and menacing after an incident with a female Pueblo police officer
  105. 2011- Las Vegas  (NV) Police Officer David Pisciotta charged with domestic battery and burglary of bruised ex-girlfriend
  106. 2011- Ashley (PA) Police Chief David Cerski ex-girlfriend filed a protection from abuse order against him
  107. 2011- Sevierville (TN) police officer Timothy Owen Coulter was arrested and charged Friday night after he allegedly rammed a Blount County sheriff officer’s patrol and injured two deputies-  charged with three counts of aggravated assault, a DUI, felony vandalism and possession of a handgun while intoxicated
  108. 2011- Morton (Ill) police officer Sgt. Lari Crim accused of two counts of domestic battery (all charges were dropped when he resigned....)
  109. 2011- Fort Myers (FL)  police officer Oneil A. Kerr was charged with battery on his wife
  110. 2011- Henderson (NC) County sheriff's deputy Mark Anthony Russell served with a domestic violence order of protection following threats to kill his wife and himself- was not arrested
  111. 2011- Tucumcari (NM) police officer Robert Vargas charged with aggravated assault and battery on his wife
  112. 2011- Schenectady (NY) police officer Eric Peters could lose job over alleged fight with fiancee
  113. 2011- Philadelphia (PA) Police Officer James Graber was arrested for face-punching his estranged wife in the face in a bar
  114. 2011- Bibb County (GA) sheriff’s lieutenant Harry Fagan Fargason was arrested after finding his wife in another man’s recreational vehicle and holding her and the man at gunpoint
  115. 2011- Martin County (NC) Sheriff's Deputy Christopher Dandre Johnson accused of assaulting and striking his girlfriend (charges were dropped when he resigned)
  116. 2011- Trenton (NJ) police officer Erwin L. DeLeon was arrested and charged with kidnapping and simple assault (he was previously arrested for a similar offense in 2010 but was still on the force when he was arrested again)
  117. 2011- Former Sandwich (MA)  police officer Dennis Byrne was arrested and accused of beating his former wife and her boyfriend after breaking into their Hyannis home. Byrne lost his job as a patrolman in 2009 after he attacked a man while off duty and beat him so badly that the victim required 37 stitches
  118. 2011- Mount Washington (KY) police officer Steven Cox arrested Wednesday after allegedly assaulting his wife, including holding a gun to her head, and damaging a city police cruiser
  119. 2011- Boston (MA) Police Patrol Officer Dennis Morson arrested for assault and battery on his wife
  120. 2011- Farmington (NM) police officer Mike Briseno long embroiled in controversy over allegations of police brutality and misconduct, resigned over yet another allegation of a domestic violence incident, this time involving his girlfriend (who is also a cop)
  121. 2011- Shelby County (Ill) sheriff's deputy John M. Sanders charged with felony domestic abuse
  122. 2011- Minneapolis (MN) police officer Mukhtar A. Abdulkadir faces felony charges of domestic assault, terroristic threats and assault on his wife
  123. 2011- California Highway Patrol officer Tomiekia Johnson charged last week with killing her husband Marcus Lemons
  124. 2011- Hinesburg (VT) Police Officer Robert Barrows resigns after domestic charge (so internal investigation halts)
  125. 2011- Elgin (Ill) patrol officer Darren T. Monforti facing misdemeanor domestic battery charges
  126. 2011- Amber (OK) police officer Brian Lee Kepler arrested on a charge of feloniously pointing a firearm. According to the probable cause affidavit Kepler is accused of pointing his service revolver at his wife and threatening a murder suicide. He allegedly pointed the gun downward and motioned toward his 2-year-old twins who were on the bed and asked which one she wanted him to shoot first
  127. 2011- Nashville (TN) officer Preston Walden faces domestic violence charges
  128. 2011- Baltimore (MD) County Police Union president Cole Weston accused of assaulting a limo driver in Parkville
  129. 2011- Baltimore (MD)  County police officer Brian Eaton has been charged with first-degree assault in connection with a reported domestic incident involving his ex-girlfriend
  130. 2011- Palmetto (FL)  police officer David J. Filipiak was arrested Friday morning at his police department by Manatee sheriff’s deputies, and charged with aggravated domestic assault with a deadly weapon, a third-degree felony. He has a voluminous disciplinary file, including a recent suspension for pointing a Taser at one of his fellow officers
  131. 2011- Savannah-Chatham (GA) Officer Michael Eric Broome fired after stalking arrest
  132. 2011- Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) police officer Gina Cook investigated after a 911 call placed to Gaston County authorities reporting a domestic dispute... This is the second time in Cook's career that she has been investigated for domestic violence.  Reported back in 2003 she was accused of choking a woman until she nearly passed out. She was given deferred prosecution in that case and in this current case she was not arrested or charged criminally.
  133. 2011- Monroe (WA) corrections officer Dallen Brown charged with assault against wife; he punched her in the face and jabbed her in the ribs with his handgun. She told officers the abuse had been going on for years. She detailed incidents when she was choked, kneed in the stomach, kicked and punched. The woman told officers that Brown had held a gun to her and told her "shape up," court papers said.
  134. 2011- Dallas (TX) police officer Ralph McAfee has received a 15-day suspension over a violent March confrontation with his girlfriend. McAfee was arrested at his DeSoto home in March 2011 and accused of felony assault family violence after his girlfriend accused him of kicking and strangling her. [Apparently she recanted and said he was just defending himself... but if that is true, why punish him at all? If it is not true and he did assault her, why is he still a police officer?]
  135. 2011- Baltimore (MD) City Police Officer Luis Nunez arrested and charged in a domestic violence incident
  136. 2011- Oklahoma City (OK) police Sgt. Cristy Cirillo was arrested after her husband said she assaulted him.
  137. 2011- Milwaukee  (WI) Officer Michael N. Loechler was arrested for domestic violence-related disorderly conduct. No charges have been filed. Police Chief Ed Flynn asked the Police and Fire Commission to suspend an officer for 60 days for being involved in a domestic violence incident involving his wife. Flynn wanted  suspended for 60 days without pay on July 6, but has recommended the suspension take place later this year and early 2012. Officer NOT FIRED... remains carrying a gun.
  138. 2011- Tucson (AZ) Police Department Sergeant Victor Garcia was arrested by the Pima County Sheriff's Department on July 3rd and charged with domestic violence charge unlawful imprisonment, as well as false reporting
  139. 2011- Superior (WI) Police officer Daniel Hawkin who pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge earlier this week has been demoted. He was sentenced to 90 days behind bars  for the charges stemming from an alleged domestic dispute in Carlton County. He was not fired after pleading guilty- he was merely demoted.
  140. 2011- California correctional officer Peter Esparza was arrested on suspicion of drawing his weapon and shooting at his significant other, police said. Esparza was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, assault with a firearm, spousal abuse, terrorist threats and using a firearm in the commission of a crime
  141. 2011- Delta County (CO) Sheriff's detention officer Ephraim Towne resigned after pleading guilty to domestic violence in Delta County Court
  142. 2011- San Ramon (CA) Officer Louis Lombardi Accused Of Domestic Violence-the (now) former officer who was allegedly wrapped up in a Contra Costa County police scandal was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence
  143. 2011- Los Angeles (CA) Police officer Richard Womack charged with domestic violence, false imprisonment and making criminal threats against his live-in girlfriend
  144. 2011- Baton Rouge (LA) police Cpl. Mitchell Duncan arrested for allegedly breaking into a woman's house twice Wednesday while he was on duty. The Baton Rouge Police Department said , 49, is accused of using a knife to pick the lock on the home. Investigators said he then assaulted the woman inside.
  145. 2011- Winnsboro (LA) police officer Johnny Howard arrested over a domestic violence warrant...The police chief  fired him
  146. 2011- Norfolk (VA) police Lt. William Mackenzie killed his wife and himself
  147. 2011- South Shore (KY) Police Chief Bill Sword and his wife were arrested over the weekend on domestic violence charges
  148. 2011- Prince William County (VA) police officer Charles Edward Kincheloe charged with domestic assault and battery
  149. 2011- Orlando (FL) police officer Tim Davis Sr is facing murder charges after he's accused of shooting his son during a fight at their Apopka home
  150. 2011- Portland (OR) police officer James Botaitis accused of breaking in to his estranged wife's apartment  and threatening to kill her boyfriend, David Bacus
  151. 2011- Paterson (NJ) Police Department lieutenant Patrick Papagni charged with aggravated assault with a weapon for allegedly pointing his gun at his girlfriend and dragging her out of her house
  152. 2011- Paden City (W.Va) police chief Michael Billiter resigned his position as chief following his guilty plea in court. Billiter had been on unpaid leave since September when he was arrested for domestic battery
  153. 2011- Niagara Falls (NY) Police lieutenant Dave Kinney has been arraigned on domestic violence-related charges with two counts of third-degree criminal trespass and one count of third-degree menacing.
  154. 2011- Former Nez Perce Co. (ID)  Sheriff's deputy Joseph Thomas Jr. arrested on murder charge- UPDATE 2012- sentenced to life in prison
  155. 2011 Lynn Edward Benton | Police Officer Gladstone OR/
  156. 2011 Scott J. Smith | Police Officer Hasbrouck Heights NJ/
  157. 2011 Armando Ramirez | Police Officer Phoenix AZ/


Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2012 Ross Mirkarimi |Sheriff San Francisco CA
  2. 2012 Raymond Washington | Corrections Officer Berks County PA
  3. 2012 Steven Breakstone | Police Lt. Sarasota FL
  4. 2012  Terrence Dean NYPD Officer kills himself after phone call with fiancee- at least he had the decency not to kill her too!
  5. 2012 Brandon Preciado Long Beach (CA) Police officer pleaded not guilty to 20 felony counts of domestic violence including 10 counts of corporal injury to a spouse for alleged ongoing abuse
  6. 2012-  Dwayne Carter Philadelphia (PA)  police Officer arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife.
  7. 2012- Part-time Farmington (Ill) police officer Michael S. Whitlow was arrested twice in less than 36 hours in what authorities are calling a case of domestic violence
  8. 2012- Orlando (FL)  police Officer Danny Sidders accused of beating up his girlfriend and then kicking her out of the house, was arrested over the weekend after his own colleagues were called to his house for a domestic violence call
  9. 2012- Dubuque County (Iowa)  sheriff’s deputy James R. Doyle, has been relieved of his duties after burglary and stalking charges were filed against him.
  10. 2012 -Bernard  Ash Louisville (KY) Metro Police  Officer  is in jail accused of assaulting a woman he was dating.
  11. 2012 - West Warwick (RI) police officer Jonathan Caldwell pled not guilty Wednesday to charges of domestic disorderly conduct and assault. He had been charged with a similar offense in 2008 but remained on the job....
  12. 2012- Minocqua (WI) Police Officer Mark Ferencevich was taken into custody and booked on charges of Endangering Safety by Use of a Dangerous Weapon and Disorderly Conduct/Domestic Abuse.
  13. 2012- Morgan County (AL)  Sheriff's deputy Donald Fanning was arrested on domestic violence charges on a warrant charging him with domestic violence and strangulation
  14. 2012 Brian Himber | State Trooper Westchester ILL/
  15. 2012- Warner Robins Georgia Probation Officer Russell Daniel Holt, charged with murdering his girlfriend Jessica Nicole Wolfe
  16. 2012- Former Fairfax Co. (VA) Police Sergeant John Jackson and 13 year old daughter Murder Suicide
  17. 2012- NY  prison guard Shawn Bryan murder suicide
  18. 2012 Thomas M. LaCroix | Police Chief Waltham MA/

2013Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2013 Andre Murphy | Police Officer Cedarhill District TX/
  2. 2013 Bryan Fields | Police Chief Aurora IN/
  3. 2013 Carlos Raul Cortez | State District Judge Dallas TX/
  4. 2013 Cody Grimes | Police Officer Des Moines IOWA/
  5. 2013 Daniel Lopez | Police Officer San Antonio TX/
  6. 2013 Ethan S. Moss | Sheriff Deputy Johnson County KS/
  7. 2013 Hans Walters | Police Lieutenant Las Vegas NV/
  8. 2013 James Hawthorne | Assistant Police chief Arlington TX/
  9. 2013 James Walton Smith | Police Officer Baltimore MD/
  10. 2013 Jason Sealy | Police Officer Houston TX/
  11. 2013 Jeremy Yachik | Police Officer Berthoud CO/
  12. 2013 John Fleagle | Police Officer Washington Township PA/
  13. 2013 Michael Williams | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  14. 2013 Robert Bailey | Police Chief Andale KS/
  15. 2013 Samson Lawrence | Police Officer Wash. DC/
  16. 2013 Shane Everett Tucker | Sheriff Deputy Galveston TX/
  17. 2013 Sherlon Smikle | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  18. 2013 Timothy Cannon | Police Officer Hillsboro OR/


2014Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2014 Amy Young | Police Sergeant Naples FL/
  2. 2014 Andrew Steele | Sheriff Deputy Dane County WI/
  3. 2014 Armando Ortega | Highway Patrol Officer CA/
  4. 2014 Austin Lynn Stubblefield | Sheriff Deputy Grand County UT/
  5. 2014 Bill Gritt | Police Officer Mount Hope WV/
  6. 2014 Brenda Johnson Bishop | Retired Police Lt. Greensboro NC/
  7. 2014 Chad Simpson | Police Officer Midland TX/
  8. 2014 Charles Mullins | Police Officer Princeton WV/
  9. 2014 Charles Rose III | State Trooper SC/
  10. 2014 Charles Wilkinson | Retired Police Officer Nassau County NY/
  11. 2014 Chris Allen Berry | Police Officer Citizen Potawatomi Nation OK/
  12. 2014 Christopher Cowan | Police Officer Louisville KY/
  13. 2014 Cody Marrone | Sheriff Deputy Hernando County FL/
  14. 2014 Darren Cachola | Police Sergeant Honolulu HI /
  15. 2014 Dana Holzemer | Sheriff Deputy Lucas County OH/
  16. 2014 Dave Call | Police Officer McFall MO/
  17. 2014 David Anderson | Police Officer Cleveland OH/
  18. 2014 Debra West | Deputy Sheriff Denver CO/
  19. 2014 Devin Staten | Police Officer LAX CA/
  20. 2014 Eric Victor Doran | Sheriff Deputy Etowah County ALA/
  21. 2014 Garrett Peterson | Police Officer Tempe AZ/
  22. 2014 Geoffrey Graves | Police Officer San Jose CA/
  23. 2014 Gregory Turco | State Trooper MA/
  24. 2014 Isaac Virgil | State Police Officer New Mexico/
  25. 2014 Jaselyn Grant | Police Officer Memphis TN/
  26. 2014 Joseph Griffin | Police Officer Philadelphia PA/
  27. 2014 Joshua Boren | Police Officer Lindon UT/
  28. 2014 Kevin Canty | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  29. 2014 Kyle Pennington | Police Officer Clovis CA/
  30. 2014 Mark A. Miscavish | State Trooper retired Philipsburg PA/
  31. 2014 Michael Ladle Hodrick Jr. | Police Officer Durham NC/
  32. 2014 Michael Saltsman | Police Officer Lake Milton OH/
  33. 2014 Nevin Scott Brenner | Police Detective Phoenix AZ/
  34. 2014 Nick Dimauro | Police Officer Atlanta GA/
  35. 2014 Nick Pitofsky | Police Sergeant Crandall TX/
  36. 2014 Oscar Cardenas Jr. | Police Officer Mission TX/
  37. 2014 Ralph Ridley | Sheriff Deputy Murray County GA/
  38. 2014 Ryan Anders | Police Sergeant Indianapolis Metro IND/
  39. 2014 Ryan James Bruggink | Police Officer Grand Rapids MI/
  40. 2014 Robert Ashley Fourt | Police Office Tuscaloosa ALA/
  41. 2014 Roger Aaron Kirby | Sheriff Deputy Palm Beach FL/
  42. 2014 Russel Holtsclaw | State Trooper Tennessee/
  43. 2014 Sarah Martin | Police Officer Daytona Beach FL/
  44. 2014 Scott Allen Pennell | Police Officer Chandler AZ/
  45. 2014 Shannon and Gina Kepler | Police Officers Tulsa OK/
  46. 2014 Stephen Conon | DEA Agent Douglas County CO/
  47. 2014 Stephen Rozniakowski | Police Officer Colwyn Borough PA/
  48. 2014 Steven Armstrong | Sheriff Deputy Mohave County AZ/
  49. 2014 Tahreem Zeus Rana | Police Officer Atlanta GA/
  50. 2014 Tim Gallick | Police Officer LAPD CA/
  51. 2014 Thomas Miller | Police Chief Iva SC/
  52. 2014 Tom Fallis | Police Officer Evans CO/
  53. 2014 Travis Gorrell | Police Officer Newport IN/

2015Homicides/ suicides highlighted in yellow- all others just domestic violence/ abuse

  1. 2015 Aaron Roop | Police Chief Cedar Grove WV/
  2. 2015 Aaron Tolerton | Police Officer Dallas TX/
  3. 2015 Alejandro Flores | Sheriff Deputy LA County CA/
  4. 2015 Anthony Bottom | Sheriff Deputy Richmond County GA/
  5. 2015 Anthony Giaquinta | Police Officer Gainesville GA/
  6. 2015 Bill Williams | Former Police Chief Bourbon MO/
  7. 2015 Bobby Daye Daffin Jr. | Sheriff Deputy Lt. George County Miss/
  8. 2015 Brandon Reed | Sheriff Deputy Lincoln County GA/
  9. 2015 Brendan OBrien | Police Officer Oakland CA/
  10. 2015 Brian Cofer | Police Officer Memphis TN/
  11. 2016 Bryn Lindenmuth | Police Officer York PA/
  12. 2015 Casey Aaron Redden | Police Chief Wardell MO/
  13. 2015 Charles Mayeux Jr. | Police Chief Evergreen LA/
  14. 2015 Chris Durning | Police Officer New Orleans LA/
  15. 2015 Christopher Duffek | Police Officer Omaha NB/
  16. 2015 Christopher Grubbs | Police Sergeant Huntsville Alabama/
  17. 2015 Christopher Paul Hutchison | Police Officer Clovis CA/
  18. 2015 Christopher Warren Page | Police Officer Paris TN/
  19. 2015 Clark Gast | Police Chief Aberdeen OH/
  20. 2015 Consuelo Gallegos-Bias | Sheriff Deputy Polk County FL/
  21. 2015 Corey D. Benoit | State Trooper MA/
  22. 2015 Craig Perry | Police Officer San Francisco CA/
  23. 2015 Dan Barrett | Police Officer Montgomery Alabama/
  24. 2015 Daniel Bailey | Police Officer North Charleston SC/
  25. 2015 Daniel Schneider | Police Officer Phoenix AZ/
  26. 2015 Darryl Duane Martin | Police Officer Cherokee Indian PD North Carolina/
  27. 2015 David Kramer Jr. | Crescent City LA/
  28. 2015 Delter 'Ray' Justice | Sheriff Deputy Wilson County TN/
  29. 2015 Dominic Swanfeld | Police Sergeant Fayetteville AR/
  30. 2015 Donald Orrin Evan | Police Officer Laurens SC/
  31. 2015 Dumahi Wallace | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  32. 2015 Dustin Hamell | Police Officer Newton Iowa/
  33. 2015 Efrain Santiago | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  34. 2015 Egberto Colon | Police Sergeant Elizabeth NJ/
  35. 2015 Eric Paull | Police Sergeant Akron OH/
  36. 2015 Gary Shannon Gates | State Trooper Marshall County AL/
  37. 2015 Glen Hochman | Police Officer White Plains NY/
  38. 2015 Greg Driskill | Police Officer Oklahoma City OK/
  39. 2015 Greg Herrington | Police Chief McFarland CA/
  40. 2015 Gregory Evans | Police Officer Mobile Alabama/
  41. 2015 Israel Zea | Police Officer Hartford Conn/
  42. 2015 James Cunningham | Police Officer New Orleans LA/
  43. 2015 James M. Eidson | Police Office Kansas City MO/
  44. 2015 Jerad Gale | Police Officer Champaign ILL/
  45. 2015 Jeff Schulmerich | Police Officer Webb TX/
  46. 2015 Jeramy Hedges | Sheriff Detective Reno County KS/
  47. 2015 Jeremy Alex Gambrell | Police Officer Lenior City TN/
  48. 2015 Jeremy Vann | Sheriff Deputy Tompkins NY/
  49. 2015 Jerry Mayhall | Police Officer Corinth MISS/
  50. 2015 John Goodner | Retired Police Officer Hercules CA/
  51. 2015 Johnn Scott | Police Officer Indianapolis IND/
  52. 2015 Jonathan Bernard Barnes | Sheriff Deputy Lowndes GA/
  53. 2015 Jonathan Osborne | Police Officer Louisville IN/
  54. 2015 Jose Ramos Guerrero | Police Officer Firebaugh CA/
  55. 2015 Joseph Kantowski | Police Officer Chesterton IND/
  56. 2015 Joseph Sees | Police Officer Philadelphia PA/
  57. 2015 Joseph Richardson | Police Chief Paden City W.VA/
  58. 2015 Joseph Taylor | Police Officer Indianapolis IN/
  59. 2015 Joshua White | Sheriff Deputy Santa Rosa CA/
  60. 2016 Julian Pirtle | Police Officer Nashville TN/
  61. 2015 Justin Beaton | Police Officer Indianapolis IND/
  62. 2015 Keith Ambrose | Police Officer New Orleans LA/
  63. 2015 Kevin Campbell | Police Officer Hammond IND/
  64. 2015 Kevin McAfee | Police Officer Washington Park ILL/
  65. 2015 Kody Lee Hanson | Sheriff Deputy Hodgeman KS/
  66. 2015 Kyvona Moore | Police Officer Greenville Miss/
  67. 2015 Lane Warren Gardner | Police Officer Denver CO/
  68. 2015 Laura Prins-Harris | Police Officer Memphis TN/
  69. 2015 Loveland CO Police Officer unnamed/
  70. 2015 Manuel Ramos | Police Officer Fullerton CA/
  71. 2015 Mark A. Fillebrown | Police Officer Merced CA/
  72. 2015 Matthew Blakely | Sheriff Deputy Aiken County SC/
  73. 2015 Maurice Eggleston | Sheriff Sergeant Houston County TX/
  74. 2015 Marvin Kelly Troutman Sr | Police Sergeant Hawaii PD HI/
  75. 2015 Mersed Dautovic | Police Officer Des Moines IO/
  76. 2015 Michael Alice | Police Officer Philadelphia PA/
  77. 2015 Michael Dietz | Police Officer North Port FL/
  78. 2015 Michael Starkey | Police Officer Clinton Twp OH/
  79. 2015 Myron Neil Wieland | Police Chief New Ulm Minn/
  80. 2015 Nathan Milne | Police Officer Rockford ILL/
  81. 2015 Nikolas Anthony Gianes | Sheriff Deputy El Paso CO TX/
  82. 2015 Nicholas Galbo | Police Officer Key West FL/
  83. 2015 Nicholas Mark Thompson | Police Officer Suffolk VA/
  84. 2016 Oscar M. Flores | Police Sergeant Fort Worth TX/
  85. 2015 Patrick Gravelle | Police Officer Sunrise FL/
  86. 2015 Patrick McCarthy | Police Officer Boston MA/
  87. 2015 Paul Pettengill | Sheriff Deputy Cumberland County ME/
  88. 2015 Phillip Seidle | Police Officer Neptune Township NJ/
  89. 2015 Rashard King | Police Officer Baltimore MD/
  90. 2015 Richard Conway | Police Officer Prince Georges County MD/
  91. 2015 Rick Drehobl | Police Officer Rosemont IL/
  92. 2015 Robert Dewayne Llewellyn | Sheriff Deputy Walker County GA/
  93. 2015 Robert Jeffery Taylor | Police Officer York County SC/
  94. 2015 Robert Serros | Detention Officer Bexar County TX/
  95. 2015 Rodney Davis | Sheriff Deputy Richland County SC/
  96. 2015 Ronald Bailey | Sheriff Deputy Bexar TX/
  97. 2015 Russell Johnson | Sheriff Deputy Alachua County FL/
  98. 2015 Russell Ray Bertram | Police Chief Harrisburg SD/
  99. 2015 Scott Wimer | Police Officer Schuyler OH/
  100. 2015 Shane Humbird | Sheriff Deputy El Dorado County CA/
  101. 2015 Skyler McClaskey | Police Officer Albuquerque NM/
  102. 2015 Stephen Vineyard | Police Officer Dallas TX/
  103. 2015 Stephon McGill | Police Officer Miami FL/
  104. 2015 Steve Valle | Police Sgt Oakland CA/
  105. 2015 Steven Hulsey | Sheriff Deputy Washington County AR/
  106. 2015 Steven Moure | Police Officer Prince George's County MD/
  107. 2015 Terry Allen Moore | Police Officer Radcliff KY/
  108. 2015 Thomas Downs | State Trooper Newbury MA/
  109. 2015 Thomas Morrison | Sheriff Deputy Clay County MO/
  110. 2015 Timothy Wright | Police Chief Carroll NY/
  111. 2015 Todd Opperman | Police Chief Dundee MI/
  112. 2015 Todd Wiese | Police Officer Delavan WI/
  113. 2015 Travis Brannon | Sheriff Deputy Alameda County CA/
  114. 2015 Walter Smith | Police Officer Montgomery Alabama/
  115. 2015 Wayne Adams | Police Officer Baltimore MD/
  116. 2015 William Sackett | Police Chief Donnellson Iowa/
  117. 2015 William Tell Jr. | Police Officer Cleveland OH/

Departments Slow to Police Their Own Abusers - The New York Times.pdf

2013 How to Combat Officer-Involved Domestic Violence | A Death in St. Augustine | FRONTLINE | PBS.pdf


  1. 2016 Adam Voss | Police Officer Birmingham AL/
  2. 2016 Adrian Aurs | Police Officer Indianapolis IND/
  3. 2016 Alex McAdams | Police Officer Philadelphia PA/
  4. 2016 Bashua Olaseha | Police Officer Prince George Co. MD/
  5. 2016 Benjamin Kay | Police Officer Humble TX/
  6. 2016 Billy Davis III | Sheriff Deputy Accomack VA/
  7. 2016 Bob Trujillo | Sheriff Deputy Adams County CO/
  8. 2016 Brady Hightower | Deputy Chief Jackson MISS/
  9. 2016 Brandon D. Henderson | Police Officer Gary IND/
  10. 2016 Bret Russell Lively | Police Officer St. Louis County MO/
  11. 2016 Brian Klonowski | Police Chief Southgate MI/
  12. 2016 Brian Prestridge | Sheriff Deputy Bibb Co GA
  13. 2016 Caleb W. Hodges | Police Officer Anson TX/
  14. 2016 Chad Neff | Sheriff Deputy Loudoun County VA/
  15. 2016 Chasity Williams | Police Officer Henderson KY/
  16. 2016 Christopher Brown | Police Officer Memphis TN/
  17. 2016 Christopher Dwaine Tolbert | Police Officer Gordonsville VA/
  18. 2016 Christopher Kelley | Police Officer Ansonia CN/
  19. 2016 Christopher Wright | Police Office Phoenix AZ/
  20. 2016 Cleeford Louissant | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  21. 2016 Clint Luckner | Police Officer Clearwater FL/
  22. 2016 Cruz Zavala | Police Officer Roswell NM/
  23. 2016 Danafrey Clanton | Sheriff Deputy Richmond County GA/
  24. 2016 Daniel Bailey | Police Officer North Charleston SC/
  25. 2016 Daniel Carrero | Sheriff Deputy Seminole County FL/
  26. 2016 Daniel Bullman | Police Officer Indianapolis Metro IN/
  27. 2016 Daniel Rodriguez Bahena | Sheriff Deputy Prince Georges CO MD/
  28. 2016 Danny Moreno | Police Officer El Paso TX/
  29. 2016 David Jones | Police Officer Mobile ALA/
  30. 2016 David Joshua Odom | Police Officer Eugene OR/
  31. 2016 David Michael Nogowski | Sheriff Deputy St Johns County FL/
  32. 2016 Dean Dominguez | Sheriff Deputy Adams County CO/
  33. 2016 Dennis Horn | Police Officer Opa-Locka FL/
  34. 2016 Derek Lynse | Sheriff Deputy Pinal County AZ/
  35. 2016 Deric Lewis | Police Officer Philadelphia PA/
  36. 2016 Diomedes Valenzuela | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  37. 2016 Douglas A. Dardzinski | Police Officer Bedford Heights OH/
  38. 2016 Douglas Lewis | Police Officer Toledo OH/
  39. 2016 Edmund S. Estacio | Police Officer Milwaukee WI/
  40. 2016 Erick E. Eberhard | Sheriff Corporal Pickaway County OH/
  41. 2016 Franklin Osgood | Police Officer Retired Providence RI/
  42. 2016 George Wyatt | Sheriff Deputy Jackson Parish LA/
  43. 2016 Gerald Crawford | Sheriff Deputy Lucas County OH/
  44. 2016 Gerardo Gutierrez | Police Officer Vancouver WA/
  45. 2016 Gideon Allday | Sheriff Deputy Kern CO CA/
  46. 2016 Gregory Burnette | Police Sgt Louisville KY/
  47. 2016 Henry Dale Campbell | Sheriff Deputy Pickens County SC/
  48. 2016 Holly Jessica Clemente | Deputy District Attorney JeffCo Alabama/
  49. 2016 Israel Roman | Police Officer Colonie NY/
  50. 2016 Irvin Noak | Police Officer Retired NYPD NY/
  51. 2016 Jacob Rollen Anglesey | Police Officer Green River WY/
  52. 2016 James Burt | Police Officer Las Vegas NV/
  53. 2016 James Nassiri | Sheriff Deputy Penellas County FL/
  54. 2016 Jeffery Brian Prestridge | Sheriff Deputy Bibb County GA/
  55. 2016 Jeffrey Hawkins | Police Officer Chicago IL/
  56. 2016 Jerad Gale | Police Officer Monticello IL/
  57. 2016 Jeremy S. Pearce | Sheriff Deputy Granville County NC/
  58. 2016 Jermaine Harris | Sheriff Deputy Santa Fe NM/
  59. 2016 John Casullo | Police Officer Newburgh NY/
  60. 2016 John Yen | Police Officer Spokane WA/
  61. 2016 Jonathan White | Sheriff Deputy Carroll County ARK/
  62. 2016 Josh Luis | Police Officer Dartmouth MA/
  63. 2016 Josh Partee | Police Officer Gadsden GA/
  64. 2016 Josiah Kennedy | Sheriff Deputy Loudoun VA/
  65. 2016 Justin Bush | Police Officer Plaquemine LA/
  66. 2016 Kenneth Moore | Master State Trooper MD/
  67. 2016 Kevin Conboy | Police Officer Dennis: Cape Cod MA/
  68. 2016 Kevin Douglas Nickmeyer | Sheriff Deputy St Johns County FL/
  69. 2016 Kevin Taulbee | Police Officer Louisville KY/
  70. 2016 Kyle Kurian | Police Officer South Gate CA/
  71. 2016 Laila Leticia Underwood | Police Officer Newport News VA/
  72. 2016 Leroy Wright | Police Officer Chattanooga TN/
  73. 2016 Marcello Contreras | Police Captain Silver City NM/
  74. 2016 Marcus Route | Police Officer DeKalb GA/
  75. 2016 Mario Johnson | Sheriff Deputy Williamson Co TX/
  76. 2016 Marisa Alcaraz | Police Officer Bexar TX/
  77. 2016 Mark Anthony | Police Officer Kissimmee FL/
  78. 2016 Mark Elferdink | Sheriff Deputy Calhoun Co MI/
  79. 2016 Mark Whaley | Sheriff Deputy Muscogee Co GA/
  80. 2016 Martin Frasure | Police Officer Chubbuck ID/
  81. 2016 Matthew Blair | Police Officer Huber Heights OH/
  82. 2016 Max Ryan Dotson | Police Officer Florence FL/
  83. 2016 Michael King | Sheriff Deputy Madison CO TN/
  84. 2016 Michael Mori | Police Officer Everett MA/
  85. 2016 Mitchel Grobeson | Police Officer LAPD CA/
  86. 2016 Omar A. Mora | Police Officer Garden City KS/
  87. 2016 Oscar Armenta | Police Officer San Diego CA/
  88. 2016 Patrick Conaty | Police Officer East Providence RI/
  89. 2016 Paul Singrossi | Police Officer Altamonte Springs FL/
  90. 2016 Ralph Dobbins | Sheriff Deputy Shelby Co TN/
  91. 2016 Richard Phipps | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  92. 2016 Ricky Bryant | Police Officer Warrior AL/
  93. 2016 Robert Sundberg | State Trooper MA/
  94. 2016 Rogelio Torres Jr | Sheriff Deputy San Bernadino County CA/
  95. 2016 Ron Bateman | Sheriff Anne Arundel County MD/
  96. 2016 Ronald Perdue | Sheriff Deputy Assistant Police Chief Stark Co: Walsh Univ. OH/
  97. 2016 Roy Hester Hollis | Police Chief Stevenson ALA/
  98. 2016 Ruben Steven Ramirez | Police Officer Guadalupe CA/
  99. 2016 Ryan R. Eskildsen | Police Officer Clear Lake Iowa/
  100. 2016 Sean Michael Mischo | Police Officer Prince George County MD/
  101. 2016 Shane Myers | Police Officer Round Rock TX/
  102. 2016 Shane Roberts | Tenn Highway Patrol Trooper TN/
  103. 2016 Shante Stanford | Police Officer Jackson MS/
  104. 2016 Silvestre Mendoza | Police Officer Garner NC/
  105. 2016 Sharmeen Crandell | Sheriff Deputy Richland Co SC/
  106. 2016 Terry Drew Jordan | State Trooper Clearfield PA/
  107. 2016 Theodore Macklin | Constable Midland County TX/
  108. 2016 Timothy Brian Robertson | Sheriff Deputy St Johns County FL /
  109. 2016 Timothy Hugh Williamson II | Police Officer Westminster SC/
  110. 2016 Todd Kuusisto | Police Officer Duluth MN/
  111. 2016 Tracey Andrew Williams | Police Officer Hueytown AL/
  112. 2016 Vincent Curulli | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  113. 2016 Wendy Yarbrough | Jail Deputy Bexar County TX/
  114. 2016 William F. McCarthy III | Police Officer Morris County NJ/


  1. 2017 Charles Brock | Police Officer Chattanooga TN/
  2. 2017 David Lewandoski | Sheriff Deputy Licking OH/
  3. 2017 Dayton Brown | Police Officer Atlantic City NJ/
  4. 2017 Douglas C. Gearhart | Sheriff Deputy Montgomery Alabama/
  5. 2017 Gerald Smith | Police Officer Philadelphia PA/
  6. 2017 James D. Wood | Police Sergeant Shawnee OK/
  7. 2017 Kevin Campbell | Police Officer Hammond Ind/
  8. 2017 Kevin Taylor | Police Officer Pittsfield Township MI/
  9. 2017 Lorin Volberding | Police Officer retired Chicago ILL/
  10. 2017 Michael Dowd | Police Officer Drug dealer NYPD NY/
  11. 2017 Randall Hanson | Police Officer Trenton NJ/
  12. 2017 Travis Charles Dodd | Police Officer Hanahan SC/
  13. 2017 Trevon Evans | Detention Deputy Polk County FL/
  14. 2017 William Rosica | Police Officer Irondequoit NY/


Articles Domestic Violence in Law Enforcement/

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