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[   ]Cop accused of having sex with prostitute in patrol car pleads guilty | Brevard County News - WESH Home.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:47 75K 
[   ]Ex-cop takes plea deal for sex with prostitutes while on duty.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:47 329K 
[IMG]Jose-Otero.png27-Nov-2017 10:47 110K 
[   ]Melbourne Florida Police Officer Jose Otero, Charged After On-Duty Sex With Whores In His Patrol Car Will Soon Learn If He Loses His Law Enforcement Job « Our Tax Dollars At Work.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:47 69K 
[   ]Melbourne police officer accused of having sex with prostitutes | 10:47 252K 
[   ]On-duty Melbourne officer accused of visiting prostitute.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:47 289K 

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