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[   ]2013 Napolitano aides probed by Senate in Secret Service's prostitution scandal - Washington Times.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 66K 
[   ]2013Napolitano aides probed by Senate in Secret Service's prostitution scandal - Washington Times.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 119K 
[   ]Colombian Escort Speaks About Secret Service Scandal - 10:53 364K 
[   ]DEA Agents Tried to Cover Up Secret Service Prostitution Scandal, Letter Says - National - The Atlantic Wire.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 102K 
[   ]DEA Cartagena Probe_ Agency Embroiled In Prostitution Scandal.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 158K 
[   ]DEA agents caught up in Secret Service scandal recalled from Colombia, working limited duty - The Washington Post.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 172K 
[   ]DEA agents linked to Secret Service prostitution scandal - Oversight - 10:53 60K 
[   ]EXCLUSIVE_ Probe of Secret Service prostitution scandal may cite White House advance staff involvement | Fox News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 369K 
[   ]EXCLUSIVE_ Secret Service agents partied like rock stars on Obamas' Vineyard Vacation | Fox News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 544K 
[   ]Fresh report, 'rumors flying' of past Secret Service misconduct - 10:53 254K 
[   ]Inquiry hears of wider Secret Service misbehavior - 10:53 112K 
[   ]Investigator in Secret Service prostitution scandal resigns after being implicated in own incident | Fox News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 76K 
[   ]Legalize drugs.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 451K 
[   ]Let's get real about the Secret Service 'scandal' and what went on in Colombia | Fox News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 74K 
[   ]Nightclub rendezvous ignited prostitution scandal | Nation & World | The Seattle Times.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 68K 
[   ]Report_ Secret Service 'Animal House' on Martha's Vineyard.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 216K 
[   ]Report_ Secret Service involved in second prostitution scandal - 10:53 313K 
[   ]Secret Service Records Show 64 Allegations of Sexual Misconduct | Fox News Latino.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 365K 
[   ]Secret Service agent Gregory Stokes, caught up in Colombia prostitution scandal, says he, other agents being railroaded - CBS News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 75K 
[   ]Secret Service dismissals "biggest scandal" for agency - CBS News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 69K 
[   ]Secret Service investigating another overseas trip | Fox News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 60K 
[   ]Senate to call Secret Service director to testify on prostitution scandal - The Washington Post.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 252K 
[   ]Senators Grill Secret Service Director Over Prostitution Scandal.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 363K 
[   ]Service Service releases 229-page log of charges of sexual assaults, drunkenness, leaks and other misdeeds by agents - 10:53 488K 
[   ]Sex scandal: Secret Service investigators examining previous trips - 10:53 426K 
[   ]Sex scandals, covered-up crimes hit at State Department_ memo - Washington Times.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 66K 
[   ]State Department memo reveals possible cover-ups, halted investigations - CBS News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 48K 
[   ]State Department officials covered up accusations of assault, prostitution_ report  - NY Daily News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 93K 
[   ]U.S. Marines hired a prostitute in Brazil last year,  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta admits  - NY Daily News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 347K 
[   ]U.S. military sanctions 10 in Colombia prostitution scandal - The Washington Post.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 113K 
[   ]US interviews Colombian prostitute in Madrid - 10:53 304K 
[   ]What the Secret Service could learn from drunken sailors - The Washington Post.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 312K 
[   ]Why prostitution should be legal – Global Public Square - Blogs.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 161K 
[   ]secret service sex scandal not over yet.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:53 404K 

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