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[   ]2012 New Mexico Cop on Paid Leave While Being Investigated for Raping Sex Workers - Hit &amp.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:56 198K 
[   ]Charges Against Cop Accused Of Bribing And Raping A Prostitute Have Been Dropped For Now | Police Thugs.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:56 348K 
[IMG]Cop-accused-of-rape-keeps-license.png27-Nov-2017 10:56 64K 
[   ]DPS officer arrested in prostitution case - Alamogordo Daily News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:56 301K 
[   ]Former prostitute sues ex-officer, state | Albuquerque Journal News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:56 111K 
[   ]Special agent charged with rape.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:56 188K 
[   ] 10:56 63K 

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