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[   ]Ex-Ala. judge accused of trading sex for leniency.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:46 308K 
[   ]Ex-judge Herman Thomas on trial, accused of spanking inmates in underwear, sodomy and more - New York Daily News.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:46 337K 
[   ]Ex-judge accused of sexually abusing male inmates | Mail Online.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:46 139K 
[   ]Former Alabama judge indicted on inmate sex charges - CNN.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:46 150K 
[   ]Judge Herman Thomas Acquitted « JONATHAN TURLEY.pdf27-Nov-2017 10:46 86K 
[IMG]aa808daf-4272-4f7c-ae06-bce8bcce9a11_preview.jpg27-Nov-2017 10:46 9.2K 
[IMG]article-1218237-06B471AE000005DC-158_468x346.jpg27-Nov-2017 10:46 41K 
[IMG]t1port.judge.jpg27-Nov-2017 10:46 12K 

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