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[IMG]Detective Sex Charges134244--300x300.jpg27-Nov-2017 11:40 30K 
[   ]Feds Bust NYPD Cop in Alleged Sex Abuse of Female Suspects | NBC New York.pdf27-Nov-2017 11:40 341K 
[IMG]NYPD Det Oscar Sandino 20100520.jpg27-Nov-2017 11:40 34K 
[   ]NYPD Detective Oscar Sandino pleads guilty to sexually assaulting a woman he arrested - New York Daily News.pdf27-Nov-2017 11:40 264K 
[   ]Oscar Sandino.pdf27-Nov-2017 11:40 269K 
[   ]Police detective arrested for allegedly swapping sex for leniency - 11:40 398K 

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