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[   ]Ex-Officer Sentenced to 75 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault - 11:42 328K 
[   ]Ex-cop Michael Pena sentenced to 75 years to life in prison for Manhattan teacher sex assault - 11:41 456K 
[   ]Inwood woman is raped | 2011.pdf27-Nov-2017 11:42 325K 
[   ]Michael Pena, ex-NYPD cop, admits raping woman months after jury failed to convict him - NY Daily News.pdf27-Nov-2017 11:42 532K 
[   ]NYPD investigating whether Officer Michael Pena, charged in teacher's rape, is a serial rapist.pdf27-Nov-2017 11:42 383K 
[   ]Off-Duty New York City Police Officer Charged With Rape - 11:42 264K 
[   ]Off-Duty New York City Police Officer Held in Bail - 11:42 430K 
[   ]Off-duty NYPD cop arrested mid-crime, charged with raping school teacher at gunpoint.pdf27-Nov-2017 11:42 434K 
[   ]Owner of car that helped NYPD cop Michael Pena escape rape conviction outraged at verdict_ It ain't right - NY Daily News.pdf27-Nov-2017 11:42 217K 
[IMG]alg_michael_pena.jpg27-Nov-2017 11:42 27K 
[IMG]alg_police-officer-michael-pena.jpg27-Nov-2017 11:42 50K 

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