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[IMG]4f99f57cc0a52.preview-300.jpg27-Nov-2017 09:10 18K 
[   ]Ex-Moorestown officer gets 30 years, accomplice 25 years for assaulting minors - 09:10 414K 
[   ]Former Moorestown cop, ex-girlfriend convicted on child sex charges | 09:10 292K 
[   ]Moorestown cop, girlfriend found guilty - www.phillyburbs.com_ Pemberton_ robert melia jr., heather lewis, trial, sex assault, video.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:10 36K 
[IMG]Robert Melia Jr (1).jpg27-Nov-2017 09:10 18K 
[IMG]Robert Melia Jr.jpg27-Nov-2017 09:10 5.9K 
[   ]Victim of cop sex abuse speaks out after the verdict - www.phillyburbs.com_ Pemberton_ heather lewis, robert melia jr., moorestown cop sex assault, sexual abuse, burlington county courts.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:10 100K 

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