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[   ]Conviction of ex-NOPD officer accused of raping 7-year-old girl overturned | 09:20 65K 
[IMG] Michael Thomassie.jpeg27-Nov-2017 09:20 16K 
[   ]NOPD officer accused of raping child sends racy text messages during jury selection | 09:20 136K 
[   ]NOPD officer convicted of raping young girl in 2003, faces mandatory life sentence | 09:20 129K 
[   ]NOPD officer indicted on aggravated rape of girl | New Orleans - WDSU Home.pdf27-Nov-2017 09:20 62K 
[   ]NOPD officer sentenced to life without parole for raping 7-year-old girl | 09:20 70K 

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