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[IMG]Lynn Benton.jpg27-Nov-2017 11:24 5.3K 
[   ]Lynn Benton, Gladstone cop accused of killing wife, won't face trial on drug charges; judge tosses out evidence | 11:24 75K 
[   ]5 years after wife's death, ex-Gladstone cop found guilty of arranging killing | 11:24 83K 
[   ]Investigators spent 18 months closing net on Gladstone murder suspect Lynn Benton | 11:24 133K 
[   ]2011 Prosecutors implicate Gladstone police Sgt. Lynn Benton in murder-for-hire plot | John Henry Hingson III, PCJohn Henry Hingson III, PC.pdf27-Nov-2017 11:24 168K 
[   ]Transgender Gladstone cop on trial for killing wife.pdf27-Nov-2017 11:24 271K 

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