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rapists with badges

TOP The prostitution abolitionists tell us that sex workers are frequently sexually assaulted by our clients... which is why they want to arrest and punish ALL our clients, regardless of whether or not they actually raped or assaulted us; but just who is actually more dangerous to women (including trans, women of color etc), whether or not they are sex workers?

Why are politicians, religious conservatives and radical feminists so eager to put sex workers in the 'care' of men who just cannot refrain from sexually abusing so many women, children and even males whom they encounter? When these fine officers DO rape men, women, trans women and children- regardless of occupation, why do so few cops ever receive the kind of punishment meted out to the non violent, non abusive clients, employers and associates of adult sex workers who have NOT filed a criminal complaint against them? On occasion, a judge gives these bad boys an appropriate sentence, but unfortunately, not often enough.

There are of course, other facts that need to be considered when weighing the issue of rape and sexual assault. When these politician, religious conservative and radical feminist abolitionists  compare prostitution to rape and claim that it is a legitimate reason to 'eradicate' all prostitution and pornography, are they aware that cops manage to apprehend on average about 5% to 10% of alleged rapists of the hundreds of thousands of REPORTED rapes and sexual assaults? Or that most people who are victims of rape and sexual assault  do not report the crime because they fear they won't be believed? And that from 1991 to 2015, there were 6,682,916 reported violent rapes and sexual assaults but only 670,411 arrests for those crimes? And that there are 6,012,505 unsolved cases? Shouldn't these abolitionists care about THESE victims - people who have REPORTED a crime against them- before they worry about adult men and women who have not reported being a victim?

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"Within the criminal justice system, sex offenders are difficult to prosecute, but officers accused of sexual crimes are even tougher to convict. According to a U.S. Department of Justice survey, 60 percent of sexual assaults go unreported, only 3 percent of rapists will serve time in prison, and the numbers for cops are nonexistent. The study notes that these cops are typically unsupervised and, if arrested, often have to recount the crime to, well, other cops. The truth is that little accountability exists for law enforcement officials."

Why Cops Get Away With Rape Newsweek 2014

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An unofficial study by an arm of the Cato Institute, the National Police Misconduct Reporting Project, recorded the number of cases involving sexual misconduct by cops. It found that 9.3 percent of all civilian complaints on police involved sexual misconduct, the second most common form of misconduct behind only excessive use of force. The organization counted 354 of the 618 officers under investigation for sexual offenses involved nonconsensual sexual acts, and 51 percent, or 180, of these 354 acts involved minors.

A Bowling Green State University study analyzed 548 arrest cases from 2005 through 2007 involving 398 officers employed by 328 nonfederal law enforcement agencies in 265 counties and cities in 43 states. Researchers counted 66, or about 16.6 percent, of the arrested officers had more than one victim and/or were arrested more than once for sex crimes. The study also found that a little more than half of the sex crimes counted were committed while the officer was on duty and that most of the victims were minors.

The report also notes that police work is particularly conducive to sexual misconduct because officers perform many of their duties largely absent of supervision, regularly encounter vulnerable civilians, and are susceptible to abusing their power.

Police Departments Ignore Rampant Sexual Assault by Officers 2014

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'"The officer [Jose Rigaberto Sanchez] gained information and location of her hotel room and then went up there approximately 15 minutes later and knocked on the door," Santa Clara County deputy district attorney Carlos Vega said. "Unbeknownst to her, he opened the door. She was asleep, and that's when he let himself in and forcibly pushed her on the bed."

According to reports from Next Door Solutions, a San Jose agency that helps survivors of rape and domestic violence, the victim did not report the incident for three weeks, fearing reprisal if she reported the crime. She chose to report the rape to the California Highway Patrol and not San Jose police, highlighting the growing social problem of reporting rape to police when officers are involved.

Kathleen Krenek, executive director of Next Door Solutions, said this is common in many rape cases, where fears of further violence play a key role in whether a woman reports the incident.'

When  the Cop is the Rapist 2014

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We do not know if any of the following cases of rape at the hands of law enforcement agents are included in the annual crime reports from the FBI Bureau of Justice Statistics, as indicated in the quotation from "Why Cops Get Away With Rape," but we do know that these cases represent only those which happened to make their way into the local media. Even then, it is very difficult to find articles which contain any follow up to the original story or the outcomes of these cases.

The following lists are the cops/ DAs/ Corrections Officers/ Parole Officers/ Border Patrol Agents and other government agents and elected officials who rape and sexually assault women they encounter at traffic stops, answering 911 calls and inmates.

The list of cops who rape/ extort/ solicit/ pimp/ and kill sex workers will be posted shortly

Cops who

Here are the most egregious cases of cops who rape women- not that all cases of cops raping women aren't egregious,  just that some are absolutely horrific beyond comprehension. Imagine being raped not just by a beat cop, but by the TOP COP- the guy who runs the whole show- and he threatens to kill you if you tell ANYONE! Who could you tell? Who could you trust?

And if a Chief of Police will not investigate or punish his own men when they rape FEMALE COPS under his command, and calls them WHORES and threatens to ruin THEIR careers, what chance to other women and especially sex workers have when they are raped by cops?


Following are more cases by year.

2008  Custer County Oklahoma Sheriff Mike Burgess Running a Sex Slave Ring from County Jail
Rapist Sheriff Mike BurgessSheriff Mike Burgess, Rapist with a Badge
2004  Latimer County Oklahoma Sheriff Melvin Holly Had Sex, Threatened Female Inmates Kevin
                                      Holly Sheriff Melvin Holly
The Latimer County sheriff made an initial court appearance Wednesday on allegations he coerced three female inmates into having sex with him and threatened the life of one of them. Holly forced the women prisoners into having sexual relations with him, served one of them moonshine and told one she would "end up dead ... floating face down in a river" if she told anyone. Former Latimer County Sheriff Melvin Holly was sentenced  to 25 years in prison for sexually abusing and threatening county jail inmates.
2006 Bloomington Sgt. Jeff Pelo raped numerous women after invading their homes. Jeff
                                      PeloSgt. Jeff Pelo

2011 San Diego Officer Anthony Arevalos
Anthony ArvalosOfficer Anthony Arevalos
A jury in 2011 convicted Arevalos of a dozen felony and misdemeanor charges for eliciting sexual favors or harassing women during traffic stops.
Here are some of his victims: Timeline: Anthony Arevalos Sex Assault Trial
2014 San Diego Officer Christopher Hays
Christopher Hays Officer Christopher Hays 1 Hays was charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual assaults. Some of his victims- but not all- may have been prostitutes so he is also included in the rape of prostitutes by cops. 2San Diego police officer Chris Hays pulled female drivers over and threatened them with jail if they didn't perform oral sex on him A former San Diego police officer who pleaded guilty to groping and illegally detaining four women while on duty has been released from jail after serving five months of a one-year jail term.
2011 Frisco City Alabama Police Chief Ronald Marshall
Police Chief Ronald MarshallPolice Chief Ronald Marshall
Alabama police chief has been arrested on rape and ethics charges after a 38-year-old woman said he assaulted her when she tried to report a theft.
His arrest comes a week after a former part-time officer in the neighboring town of Excel was indicted on a felony sex abuse charge for allegedly forcing a woman to engage in sexual activity while he was on duty, records show.
Unknown outcome

2013 Sorrento LA Police Chief Earl Theriot raped unconscious woman in his office
                                      TheriotPolice Chief/ Liar/ Rapist Earl Theriot
On Nov. 1, 2013, this Chief of Police committed inappropriate acts when responding to a 911 call about an unresponsive person at a gas station. Instead of transporting her to her residence, he placed her in the front seat of his police vehicle and took her to his office where he “engaged in...sexual contact with her.”
Sorrento LA Police Chief Earl Theriot admits he committed sex acts with an unresponsive woman while responding to a 911 call and now faces a federal sentence for lying to the FBI about it. Sentenced to 24 months OF PROBATION...
2014 Boynton Beach Police Officer Stephen Maiorino arrested after he allegedly raped a 20-year-old woman at gunpoint while he was on duty Stephen Maiorino
The woman had been left stranded in Boynton after the driver of a car she was riding in was arrested on a DUI charge.
Maiorino drove to where she was stranded to take her to the police station, where she expected to be picked up by relatives.

Once at the department, she tried to get out of the car, but Maiorino grabbed her by the wrist and demanded she perform oral sex on him. He told her that if she didn't comply, she would face a DUI arrest herself.

The judge decided, after considering the defendant's previous threats against the alleged victim and her family, plus the evidence and Maiorino's position as a cop, "there are no conditions or release that are reasonably sufficient to protect the community from risk of physical harm by the Defendant" or to assure he shows up in court.  Found not guilty.
2011 NYPD Officer Michael Pena
Michael Pena
A former police officer who admitted grabbing a schoolteacher off the street and raping her was sentenced Monday to at least a decade in prison as he fights a far longer sentence from a related arrow Disgraced former cop Michael Pena was convicted of terrorizing and sexually assaulting a schoolteacher at gunpoint, Pena sentenced to a 75-year-to-life stretch behind bars. HE RAPED ONE WOMAN- A TEACHER- GETS 75 YEARS  BUT SAN DIEGO COP CHRISTOPHER HAYS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED AT LEAST 4 WOMEN- WAS OUT IN 5 MONTHS OF A 1 YEAR SENTENCE... BECAUSE SOME OF THE WOMEN WERE TRANS AND PROSTITUTES?

2013 San Jose CA Police Officer Geoffrey Graves Accused Of Raping Woman On Duty Also Charged With Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend (a two-for)


Geoffrey Graves A San Jose police officer has been arrested and charged with raping a woman whom he had just dropped off at a hotel after responding to a domestic disturbance last year, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. UPDATE 2015: A San Jose police officer accused of raping a woman at a hotel room in 2013 was remanded to jail  after trying to change his plea to no contest when prosecutors filed five new enhancements that could land him with life in prison.
2010 Westminster CA Police Detective Anthony Orban
Committed Suicide rather than face life in prison

Anthony Orban
Police Detective Anthony Orban
A Westminster police officer veered between anger and boredom as he raped a woman inside the victim's car, beating the 25-year-old mother with a closed fist, choking her, and playing with his gun, according to a police report of the allegations...Orban used his cell phone to snap pictures of the attack – behavior "consistent with a sex offender who wants to keep a souvenir of his superior accomplishments" A former Westminster police detective facing life in prison for the kidnapping, rape and beating of a young mother in Fontana was found dead in his cell, just hours before he was to appear in court for sentencing.
2015 Parole/ Probation Officer Florida Department of Corrections Zachary Thomas Bailey
Zachary BaileyZachary Thomas Bailey A probation officer with more than two decades of experience has lost his job after he was arrested on allegations that he sexually battered a parolee during two visits to her home in Coral Springs.
A Florida parole officer is behind bars after a woman on probation allegedly filmed him raping her. Bailey forced his way into her bedroom with her and after getting her on her bed he asked for a massage, she told police.

When she declined he took off his clothes and ordered her to perform oral sex on him. When she again refused he put on a condom and raped her. The used condom was recovered at the scene, according to the police report.
2014 Oklahoma City OK Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw
Daniel HoltzclawOklahoma City Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw An Oklahoma City police officer was charged  with 16 counts including first-degree rape and sexual battery after being accused of assaulting at least eight women while on patrol.

Daniel Holtzclaw also faced charges of forcible oral sodomy and indecent exposure.

Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw will head to trial Oct. 26 on allegations he sexually abused women while on duty.
Convicted sentenced to 263 years

2015 Pasco WA Police Officer Richard Aguirre
Richard Aguirre Rapist/ Killer? Cop Richard Aguirre
Richard J. Aguirre, 50, was released without bail after he pleaded innocent to third-degree rape and fourth-degree assault with a sexual motivation.
Aguirre is accused of sexually assaulting an adult woman.
Spokane police also named Aguirre as a suspect in the 1986 murder of Ruby J. Doss, a 27-year-old prostitute found strangled to death. 
Not only is Richard Aguirre charged with murder and rape, but Spokane Police announced in another press conference that they have evidence of more sexual crimes they believe Aguirre committed.  He is charged with raping a family member and was charged in the cold case murder of a prostitute in 1986. He has been an active cop since the murder.
2012 Pittsburg PA Officer Adam Skweres
adam Skweres

The fifth victim of a Pittsburgh policeman's sexual assaults sued the city and three top police officers in Federal Court, for failing to fire or discipline Officer Adam Skweres despite multiple complaints.
Skweres, 35, pleaded guilty in March 2013 to 26 charges involving five women.

A cop sentenced to a mere three and a half years for raping multiple victims, while the government wants to sentence the non violent, non abusive clients of prostitutes to 15 years TO LIFE, despite there being NO CRIMINAL COMPLAINT filed against them by the alleged 'victim'...

A 9-year veteran, Skweres was sentenced to 3½ to 8 years in state prison. When he gets out he will be on probation for 10 years and will have to register as a sex offender.
Doe claims the defendants kept Skweres on the force despite having evidence of misconduct as early as 2008, and warnings about his misconduct before that.
They failed to fire Skweres "even though a psychological evaluation found him 'unsuitable for police work' and even though other women had previously complained that Skweres likewise had forced them into unwanted sexual acts."

It is not easy to find news articles about cases going back many years as they are stored in the archives of news agencies and unless we had prior knowledge of those cases, we cannot include them in this list. Also, we know that many cases were never reported by the victims, particularly when it involved inmate rape by the staff.  You can find a number of articles about inmate rape on our front page.

  1. 1980 Robert Leroy Nelson | State Trooper Minnesota/
  2. 1981 Leigh B. Schroyer | Police Sergeant LAPD CA/
  3. 1986 Kenneth Michael Myers | Police Officer Oxnard CA/
  4. 1987 Nigel Starkey | Police Officer Manhattan Beach CA/
  5. 1990 Charles Foster | Sheriff Deputy Broward County FL/
  6. 1991 Henry Hubbard | Police Officer San Diego CA/
  7. 1992 Gariner Beasley | Police Officer LAPD CA/
  8. 1994 Gary Mihalick | Police Officer Simsbury Conn/
  9. 1994 Marcus Williams | Christopher Condon | Police Officers NYPD NY/
  10. 1994 Michael D. Brambles | Police Officer  LAPD CA/
  11. 1995 Michael Kveene | Police Officer St. Paul Minn /
  12. 1995 Thad Buchanan | Police Chief Eugene OR/
  13. 1996 Harris Mintz | Sheriff Deputy Los Angeles CO. CA/
  14. 1996 Mark Frank Mireles | Police Officer LAPD CA/
  15. 1997 Joseph Lacovara | Court Officer Bronx NY/
  16. 1997 Randy Thomas| Police Officer NYPD NY /
  17. 1997 Robert Liga | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  18. 2000 Christopher Scaggs | Police Officer Glenolden PA/
  19. 2000 David Blache | Police Officer Metheun MA/
  20. 2000 Michael K. Evans | State Trooper Montgomery County PA/
  21. 2001 Louis Poleate | Corrections Officer Utah/
  22. 2002 Marchon Hamilton | Sheriff's Deputy Erie County, NY/
  23. 2004 Barry Nielsen | Police Officer Orem UT/
  24. 2004 Billy Ray White | Police Officer Louisville KY/
  25. 2004 Boren Hildebrand | Police Officer Austin TX/
  26. 2004 Ian Jay Smith | Police Officer Little Rock Ark /
  27. 2004 Jason Lockaby | Police Officer Austin TX/
  28. 2004 Juan-Antonio E. Jimenez | Sheriff Deputy LA County CA/
  29. 2004 Melvin Ellis Holly | Sheriff Latimer County OK/
  30. 2004 Michael Kapalungan | Police Officer LAPD CA/
  31. 2004 Moe Gibbs | Jail Officer Barnes County ND/
  32. 2005 Aaron Won | Police Officer Maui Hawaii/
  33. 2005 Bradley Stewart Wagner | Police Officer Anaheim CA/
  34. 2005 Rafael Crespo Jr | Police Officer East Windsor Conn/
  35. 2005 Ruben Saenz | Police Officer San Antonio TX/
  36. 2005 Timothy Chavez | Police Detective- Albuquerque NM/
  37. 2006 Brian K. Murphy | Corrections Officer Hampden County MA/
  38. 2006 Chris McEvoy | Police Lt Coatesville PA/
  39. 2006 Gabriel Gonzalez | Sheriff Deputy Los Angeles County CA/
  40. 2006 Gary Adkins | Sheriff Deputy Roosevelt County NM/
  41. 2006 Gary Roger Walker | Police Officer Stoneville NC/
  42. 2006 Jarrett Wade Hodges | Sheriff Deputy Nassau CO FL/
  43. 2006 Jason Estle Jackson | Police Officer Coeburn VA/
  44. 2006 John Sigmon | Detention Officer Lee County GA/
  45. 2006 John Wayne Leseberg | Sheriff Deputy Riverside CA/
  46. 2006 Keith Griffin | Police Officer New Orleans LA/
  47. 2006 Ken Williams | Police Officer Birmingham AL/
  48. 2006 Kenneth Woods | Police Officer Gaveston TX/
  49. 2006 Kevin Hovatter | Police Officer Laurel DE/
  50. 2006 Moises Ballista | Corrections Officer Framingham MA/
  51. 2006 Ramon Fernando Borbon | Police Officer Nogales AZ/
  52. 2006 Randy Ramirez | Police Officer San Antonio TX/
  53. 2006 Stanford Norman | Corrections Officer Hampden County MA/
  54. 2006 Sterling Van Ness Alexander | Police Officer Salem OR/
  55. 2006 Thomas C. Lowe | Police Officer Mount Hope WVA /
  56. 2006 William Archer | Police Officer Houston TX/
  57. 2006 William Robert Taylor | Police Officer El Cajon CA/
  58. 2007 Carey Biggs | Police Officer  DeKalb County GA/
  59. 2007 Charles Edward Floyd | Sheriff Deputy Broward County FL/
  60. 2007 Christopher Dillenbeck Mark McCombs | Police Officers  Parma OH/
  61. 2007 David Reveille | Police Officer Gainesville FL/
  62. 2007 Feliciano Sanchez | Police Officer Bell CA/
  63. 2007 Gerald Breimon | Police Sergeant Chicago Ill/
  64. 2007 Jim T. Rogers | Police Officer Baton Rouge  LA/
  65. 2007 John Herman | Police Sergeant Chicago Ill/
  66. 2007 Larry Pugh | Police Officer  Jacksonville TX/
  67. 2007 Manuel Avila | Police Officer Paterson NJ/
  68. 2007 Mark Steven Susoeff | Corrections Officer Sutter CA/
  69. 2007 Matthew Linderman | Sheriff Deputy San Bernadino CA/
  70. 2007 Michael Paige | Police Officer Philadelphia PA/
  71. 2007 Michael Ragusa | Police Officer Miami FL/
  72. 2007 Monroe County Correctional Facility- NY/
  73. 2008 Allan Wayne Schaeffer | Sheriff Deputy St. John Parish LA/
  74. 2008 Anthony S. Smith | Police Officer Indianapolis IND/
  75. 2008 Anthony Vick | Corrections Officer Buffalo NY/
  76. 2008 Clinton Shawn Sydnor | Detention Center Supervisor  Grant County  KY/
  77. 2008 Delatwan Haynes | Police Officer Waukegan IL/
  78. 2008 Donvey Lindsey Brandon Beak | Police Officer  LAPD  CA/
  79. 2008 Edward Henry | Police Officer Reserve Orlando  FLA/
  80. 2008 Harry Halter | Police Officer Alorton Ill/
  81. 2008 Jack Powell | Deputy Jailer Grant County KY/
  82. 2008 Jay Gerald Beeman | Corrections Officer Smethport PA/
  83. 2008 Jeff Pelo | Police Sergeant Bloomington Ill/
  84. 2008 Jeremy S. Cross | Police Officer LaFollette TN/
  85. 2008 Johnny Fortson | Corrections Officer  Cleveland OH/
  86. 2008 Kevin Sledge | Police Officer Lawrence MA/
  87. 2008 Lance Kendall Bonner | Police Officer  Dallas  TX/
  88. 2008 Michael Burgess | Sheriff  Custer County OK/
  89. 2008 Michael Galvan | Sheriff Deputy Stanislaus County CA/
  90. 2008 Michael Pintado | Sheriff Deputy Assumption Parish LA/
  91. 2008 Octavious Tyler | Corrections Officer Juvenile Facility Indianapolis Ind/
  92. 2008 Ramon Borbon | Police Officer  Nogales AZ/
  93. 2008 Ricardo Walters | Corrections Officer NYC NY/
  94. 2008 Ronald M. Hendrickson | Police Officer Newport News VA/
  95. 2008 Russell Mecano | Police Officer  LAPD CA/
  96. 2008 Shawn Freeman and Wesley Lanham | Corrections Officers Grant County KY/
  97. 2008 William Keating | Sheriff  Montague County TX/
  98. 2009 Alan Dean Randol | Sheriff Deputy  Clackamas County OR/
  99. 2009 Andrew Barone | Police Officer Wilton CONN/
  100. 2009 Anthony Lavis | County Jail Deputy Kern County CA/
  101. 2009 Bradford Howard | Corrections Officer Maine OR/
  102. 2009 Brian Sawicki | Police Officer Santa Barbara CA/
  103. 2009 Charles Odom | State Trooper FL /
  104. 2009 Donald Frick | Police Officer  Reynoldsburg OH/
  105. 2009 Elias Dario Fortoso | Corrections Officer McHenry County  Ill /
  106. 2009 Feliciano Sanchez | Police Officer  Bell CA/
  107. 2009 Gary Handley | Sheriff Office Employee  Rogers County OK/
  108. 2009 Gary Pignato | Police Officer Rochester NY/
  109. 2009 Jesus Sanchez | Police Officer Lorain  OH/
  110. 2009 John Hanna | Corrections Officer  Prince George County MD/
  111. 2009 Jonathan Bleiweiss | Sheriff Deputy  Broward County  FL/
  112. 2009 Kevin Paul Hines | Corrections Officer  Dallas  Iowa/
  113. 2009 Luis Gutierrez-Florez | Sheriff Deputy Martin County FL/
  114. 2009 Luis Hermosillo | Border Patrol Officer CA/
  115. 2009 Marcus Jackson | Police Officer  Charlotte  NC/
  116. 2009 Mark Barber | Corrections Officer Nassau County NY/
  117. 2009 Mark Fitzpatrick | Sheriff Deputy Los Angeles County CA/
  118. 2009 Martin Montgomery | Police Officer Evansville IN/
  119. 2009 Randall Alibino | Sheriff Deputy LA County CA/
  120. 2009 Steven L. Stenulson | Sheriff Deputy Rock County  WI/
  121. 2009 Thomas Carey | Public Safety Officer  Grand Haven  MI/
  122. 2009 Thomas Tolstoy | Police Officer  Philadelphia  PA/
  123. 2009 Webster Delenn Simmons | Police Officer Duke Univ. NC/
  124. 2010 Anthony Orban | Police Detective Westminster CA/
  125. 2010 Bevlin Lee Sherrill | Jail Employee  Georgetown  SC/
  126. 2010 Brandon Balthrop | Deputy Stephens County OK/
  127. 2010 Brandon Loverde | Police officer Orlando FL/
  128. 2010 Bryan Benson | Police Officer Anderson, CA/
  129. 2010 Charles Edward Floyd | Detention Deputy  Broward County FL/
  130. 2010 Charles L. Walker | Jail Guard  Allegheny County  PA/
  131. 2010 Christian M. Ott | Corrections Officer  Lockport NY/
  132. 2010 Christopher Stein Epperson | Sheriff Deputy Wasatch UT /
  133. 2010 Corey Morris | Police Officer Thibodaux LA/
  134. 2010 Craig Tschappat | Corrections Officer Noble County OH/
  135. 2010 Daniel Lopez | Police Officer Forth Worth TX/
  136. 2010 Donald Harder III | Sheriff Deputy Saratoga County NY/
  137. 2010 Douglas Kenney | Police Sergeant Cottage Grove ORE/
  138. 2010 Hector Paez | Police Officer Denver CO/
  139. 2010 James Dobbs | Police Officer Rialto CA/
  140. 2010 James Roberts | Police Officer Huntington Beach CA/
  141. 2010 James Slayton | Police Officer Kermit TX/
  142. 2010 Jason Leap | Police Officer  Lebanon Ind/
  143. 2010 Jeffery Westerman | Police Officer Provo UT/
  144. 2010 Jeffrey Thorn | Police Officer Dallas TX/
  145. 2010 Jeremy Lamph | Police Officer Cottonwood Heights UT/
  146. 2010 Jesse Andrew Green | Police Officer Garden Grove CA/
  147. 2010 Jesus Sanchez | Police Officer  Salinas CA/
  148. 2010 John Fox Jr | Police Officer Cathedral City CA/
  149. 2010 John Paul Pedraza | Police Officer Maple Falls TX/
  150. 2010 Joseph Silva | State Trooper MA/
  151. 2010 Joseph Taunton | Corrections Officer  Layfayette LA/
  152. 2010 Julio Morales | Police Officer  San Jose CA/
  153. 2010 Ken Kratz | District Attorney Calumet County WI/
  154. 2010 Ladmarald Cates | Police Officer Milwaukee WI/
  155. 2010 Larry Lovlck | State Highway Patrol Officer  Raleigh NC/
  156. 2010 Leston Wright | Corrections Officer Northampton County VA/
  157. 2010 Maine Correctional Center- numerous officers/
  158. 2010 Mark Munoz | Police Officer  El Paso TX/
  159. 2010 Matthew Morris | Sheriff Deputy St. Lucie County FL/
  160. 2010 Michael Dee Clark | Safety Police Officer Los Angeles County CA/
  161. 2010 Mike Deatrick | Sheriff Harrison County Ind/
  162. 2010 Myrl Serra | State Prosecutor  Montrose  CO/
  163. 2010 Oscar Sandino | Police Officer  NYPD NY/
  164. 2010 Randall Alibino | Sheriff Deputy  Los Angeles County CA/
  165. 2010 Ray Edward Brookins | Youth Prison Administrator  Odessa  TX/
  166. 2010 Ryan Seese | FBI Agent  Hershey PA/
  167. 2010 Scott Cole | Sheriff Deputy Orange County CA/
  168. 2010 Sean Moore | Sheriff Deputy Yakima WA/
  169. 2010 Silvio Sam Filipovich | Police Officer LAPD CA/
  170. 2010 Timothy D. Moseley | Chief Deputy US Marshall Milwaukee WI/
  171. 2010 Wayne Shrieves |and other Jail Deputies  Eastern Shore Regional Jail VA/
  172. 2010 William Young | Police Officer  Melbourne  FLA /
  173. 2011 Abraham Joseph | Police Officer Houston TX/
  174. 2011 Adam Lamar Brooks | Police Officer  Bryan  TX/
  175. 2011 Andrew Rifkin | Police Officer Northern Illinois University IL/
  176. 2011 Anthony Arevalos | Police Officer  San Diego CA/
  177. 2011 Ariel Valentin | Highway Patrol Officer FL/
  178. 2011 Arthur A. Perea | Police Officer  San Diego CA/
  179. 2011 Arturo Ascencio | Border Patrol Agent Hemet CA/
  180. 2011 Benjamin Arriola | Corrections Officer  Travis County TX/
  181. 2011 Bradley Stewart Wagner | Police Officer  Anaheim CA/
  182. 2011 Brandon McKinney | Federal Corrections Officer  San Diego CA/
  183. 2011 Brian Thomas | Police Officer Cranford NJ/
  184. 2011 Chadd Gagnon | Police Officer Manteno IL/
  185. 2011 Chadwick Buford Holmes | Corrections Officer  Levy County FL/
  186. 2011 Chris Campbell | Police Officer  Macon GA/
  187. 2011 Dale Larry Tompkins | Sheriff Deputy Tuscola County MI/
  188. 2011 Daniel Shepherd | Police Officer Greeley CO/
  189. 2011 Darrell Walker | Police Officer Lauderhill FL/
  190. 2011 David Alfred Cross | Police Sergeant Wilmington NC/
  191. 2011 Doug Godbee | Prosecutor  Hawkins County TN/
  192. 2011 Edwin Rodriguez | Corrections Officer Willacy Detention Center TX/
  193. 2011 Emmanuel Paravas | Police Officer Southgate MI/
  194. 2011 Galen Hindt | Police Officer  Ft. Dodge  Iowa/
  195. 2011 Garrett Mannerz | Police Officer Long Island NY/
  196. 2011 Gene Gillette | Police Officer Mount Rainier MD/
  197. 2011 Ivery Cross | Police Officer  Niles OH/
  198. 2011 Jackie Hagan Jr. | Police Officer Lafayette LA/
  199. 2011 James B Johnson | Corrections Officer Peewee Valley KY/
  200. 2011 James Bishof | Sheriff Deputy Shelby County TN/
  201. 2011 Jason Thomas | Police Sergeant Tuscaloosa AL/
  202. 2011 Jeffery Westerman | Police Officer  Provo  UT/
  203. 2011 Jeffrey Doyle | Police Officer Midland MI/
  204. 2011 Jeffrey Moreland | Police Officer Grandview MO/
  205. 2011 Jeremy Shane Hall | Police Officer  Russellville AL/
  206. 2011 Jeremy Tyrel Reynolds | Police Officer  DeKalb County GA/
  207. 2011 Jerry Hallowell | Sheriff Deputy Athens County OH/
  208. 2011 Jerry Melbert | Corrections Officer Hamilton County TN/
  209. 2011 Joshua Andrew Bryant | Sheriff Deputy Klamath Falls OR/
  210. 2011 Joshua Coppinger | Corrections Officer  Morgan County AL/
  211. 2011 Juan Vasquez Paul Clavijo | Police Officers Chicago Ill/
  212. 2011 Keith Corley | Police Officer Philadelphia PA/
  213. 2011 Kevin Joseph Walker | Police Constable Darby Township and Chester PA/
  214. 2011 Kristopher Galon | Police Officer Maui HA/
  215. 2011 Larry W. Seay | Police Officer Washington DC/
  216. 2011 Lavont Flanders | Police Officer Miami Beach FL/
  217. 2011 Lawrence Etsitty | Police Officer Navajo NM/
  218. 2011 Lee Powell | Police Officer Temple GA/
  219. 2011 Lester Rhodes | Police Officer Durham NC/
  220. 2011 Mark John Walker | Probation Officer Eugene OR/
  221. 2011 Matt Kindle | Police Officer Albuquerque NM/
  222. 2011 Maurice Frazier | Sheriff Deputy Marion County IN/
  223. 2011 Michael Lerma | US Customs and Border Patrol Agent CA/
  224. 2011 Michael V. Pena | Police Officer  NYPD  NY/
  225. 2011 Moreno Mata | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  226. 2011 Nicholas B. Kordas | State Parole Officer  NY/
  227. 2011 Otha Joe Latin | Police Officer Houston TX/
  228. 2011 Patrick R. Venable | State Trooper Tulsa OK /
  229. 2011 Paul Clavijo Juan Vasquez | Police Officers Chicago Ill/
  230. 2011 Paul Jones | Police Officer Cleveland OH/
  231. 2011 Paul Pierce | Police Officer Albany NY/
  232. 2011 Paulo Morales | US Customs and Border Patrol Officer Miami FL/
  233. 2011 Ralph James Kress | Sheriff Deputy Kern Co. CA /
  234. 2011 Richard Wilson | Police Officer Nashville TN/
  235. 2011 Robb Gray Evans | Public Safety Officer Flagstaff AZ/
  236. 2011 Robert Whyte | Sheriff Deputy Sawyer WI/
  237. 2011 Ronald Marshall | Police Chief  Frisco City Al/
  238. 2011 Ryan Malasig | Corrections Officer Oahu HI/
  239. 2011 Ryan Zweygardt | Police Officer Norton KS/
  240. 2011 Salvador Reynaga | Police Officer  Seaside CA/
  241. 2011 Steve Walcutt | Corrections Officer  Anchorage Alaska/
  242. 2011 Steven Binsse | Police Officer  Port St. Lucie  FL/
  243. 2011 Terrance L Schoolfield | Corrections Officer  Wicomoco County MD/
  244. 2011 Terry Crowe | Police Officer Thebes Ill/
  245. 2011 Thomas Edward Pearson | Jail Sergeant  Burke County NC/
  246. 2011 Timothy Jones | Police Officer St. Louis MO/
  247. 2011 Victor Palmarini | Sheriff Deputy Bartow County GA/
  248. 2011 Zake Rivera | Police Officer  El Paso TX/
  249. 2012 Adam Skweres | Police Officer Pittsburgh PA/
  250. 2012 Adan Jimenez Carranza | Police Officer Houston TX/
  251. 2012 Arcides Santiago | Police Officer East Chicago IN/
  252. 2012 Arthur Roldan | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  253. 2012 Carmen Scardine | Police Officer Justice IL/
  254. 2012 Charles Taylor | Police Officer Brooklyn NY/
  255. 2012 Daniel Lavely | Police Officer Edmonds WA/
  256. 2012 David E. Kendall | Jail Deputy Sedgwick KS/
  257. 2012 David Fraijo | Police Sergeant Irwindale CA/
  258. 2012 Dejuan Thomas | Sheriff Deputy Orleans Parish LA /
  259. 2012 Gary Baker | Police Officer Sacramento CA/
  260. 2012 Gordon Chavez | Probation Officer State of NM/
  261. 2012 Henry Larue | Police Officer Leesburg FL/
  262. 2012 James R. Stanton | State Probation Officer AK/
  263. 2012 Joe Lee Garcia | Sheriff Deputy Brazoria TX/
  264. 2012 John Bernard Bland | Prison Guard State Prison VA/
  265. 2012 John Norman | Police Officer Las Vegas NV/
  266. 2012 John Phillip Stevens II | Police Officer Sophia VA/
  267. 2012 Joseph Burden | Police Officer Louisville KY/
  268. 2012 Joseph Taylor McGill | Police Officer Wichita KS/
  269. 2012 Juan Fitzgerald Gray | Police Officer Hattiesburg MS/
  270. 2012 Kelley Helleson and David Farrell | State Troopers TX/
  271. 2012 Kenneth Carrejo | Corrections Officer Captain NM/
  272. 2012 Kirk Chapman | Police Officer Powell WY/
  273. 2012 Lamar McIntyre | Sheriff Deputy Prince George's County MD/
  274. 2012 Mark D. Baggett | Police Officer Hopewell VA/
  275. 2012 Mark Samuels | Sheriff Deputy Marion County OR/
  276. 2012 Matthew Desmond | Police Lt. Salem MA/
  277. 2012 Maurice Phillips [HOW DID MY PENIS GET OUT?] | Police Officer Arlington TX/
  278. 2012 Melvin Thomas | Police Officer NYPD NY/
  279. 2012 Michael Fred Pennington | State Trooper Lexington KY/
  280. 2012 Michael R. Collins | Police Officer Edwardsville MO/
  281. 2012 Michael Southerland | Sheriff Deputy Chesapeake VA/
  282. 2012 Patrick Lefler | Police Officer Bakersfield CA/
  283. 2012 Paul Jones | Police Detective Cleveland OH/
  284. 2012 Philip Emanuele | Police Officer Eatontown NJ/
  285. 2012 Ricardo Orosco | Police Officer Phoenix AZ/
  286. 2012 Robert Holguin | State Police Officer NM/
  287. 2012 Robert Keith Whisnant | Sheriff Deputy Burke County NC/
  288. 2012 Ronald A. Freeman | Police Officer Wellston MO/
  289. 2012 Shelton Crowder | Sheriff Deputy Chatham County GA/
  290. 2012 Tony Richards | Sheriff Deputy Harris County TX/
  291. 2012 Vernon Finkenbinder | Sheriff Deputy Johnson County MO/
  292. 2012 William Wyatt | Police Officer Fresno CA/
  293. 2013 Aaron Reinsberg | Police Officer Menphis TN/
  294. 2013 Alex Lopez | Police Sgt Milwaukee WI/
  295. 2013 Ashley Crispin | Police Officer Federal Way WA/
  296. 2013 Benjamin Gaballa | Police Officer Tucson AZ/
  297. 2013 Carlton Brittingham | Police Officer Cambridge MD/
  298. 2013 Chris Yager | Probation Officer Sheridan WY/
  299. 2013 Damian Marquez | Sheriff Deputy City of Industry CA/
  300. 2013 Earl Theriot | Police Chief Sorrento LA/
  301. 2013 Gabriel Lopez | Sheriff Deputy Kern County CA/
  302. 2013 Geoffrey Graves | Police Officer San Jose CA/
  303. 2013 Glen Askew | Police Lt. Fayetteville GA/
  304. 2013 Jackie Neal | Police Officer San Antonio TX/
  305. 2013 James Romano | Police Chief Scott Township PA/
  306. 2013 James Schiliro | Mayor Marcus Hook NJ/
  307. 2013 Jamison Stiles | Police Officer Fayetteville AR/
  308. 2013 Jeffery Closson | California Highway Patrol Officer CA/
  309. 2013 John Michael Clemmons | Police Officer Auburn WA/
  310. 2013 Jose Rigoberto Sanchez | Sheriff Deputy Palmdale CA/
  311. 2013 Joshua Corey LaManna | Police Officer Payson AZ/
  312. 2013 Julio Pagan | Police Officer Lakeland FL/
  313. 2013 Lakeland Florida Sex Scandal/
  314. 2013 Michael Hayes | Police Officer Northwest NC/
  315. 2013 Michael Vagnini | Police Officer Milwaukee WI/
  316. 2013 Michael Wayne Staunton | Police Officer LAX CA/
  317. 2013 Nelson Stewart | Police Officer Chicago IL/
  318. 2013 Prabhainjana Dwivedi | Police Officer Miami Dade County FL/
  319. 2013 Rex Newport | Police Officer Colville WA/
  320. 2013 Richard Strout | Police Officer Machias ME/
  321. 2013 Solomon Coleman | Police Officer Las Vegas NV/
  322. 2013 Tommy Forgue | Deputy Constable Houston TX/
  323. 2013 Trevor Donah | State Trooper Plattsburgh NY/
  324. 2013 UNNAMED TEXAS COP/
  325. 2013 Victor Chris | Police Officer Houston TX/
  326. 2013 Yuval Arama | Sheriff Deputy DelRay FL/
  327. 2014 Ben Aders | Police Officer Greenville KY/
  328. 2014 Brandon Licciardi | Sheriff Deputy St. Bernard Parish LA/
  329. 2014 Bryan Lee | State Trooper Columbus OH/
  330. 2014 Carlos Xavier Lopez | Sheriff Deputy Pasco County FL/
  331. 2014 Christopher Hays | Police Officer San Diego CA/
  332. 2014 Christopher Roush | Police Officer Newport News VA/
  333. 2014 Corey Yolitz | Police Officer Rothschild WI/
  334. 2014 Curtis Watkins | Police Lieutenant Nashville TN/
  335. 2014 Damian Marquez | Sheriff Deputy Los Angeles CA/
  336. 2014 Daniel Ken Holtzclaw | Police Officer Oklahoma City OK/
  337. 2014 David Cerna | Police Officer Chesterfield MO/
  338. 2014 David Oliver | Police Chief Brimfield Township OH/
  339. 2014 David Harrison | Police Officer Tulsa OK/
  340. 2014 Deon Nunlee | Police Officer Detroit MI/
  341. 2014 Edward Davis | Corrections Officer PA/
  342. 2014 Elias Cardona | Police Officer Harlingen TX/
  343. 2014 Eric Roberts | State Trooper OK/
  344. 2014 Gerald Nuckolls | Sheriff Deputy Tulsa OK/
  345. 2014 Grant Carruth | Police Officer Amite LA/
  346. 2014 James Ford | Corrections Officer Manhattan prison NY/
  347. 2014 James Watters | Police Officer Milan NM/
  348. 2014 Jaris Hayden | Corrections Officer Ferguson MO/
  349. 2014 Jason Jackson Kitts | Police Officer Ann Arbor MI/
  350. 2014 Jason Miller | Police Officer Newton NJ/
  351. 2014 Jeffrey LaPorto | State Trooper Hartford CONN/
  352. 2014 Jerry Peek | Sheriff Deputy Lyon County NV/
  353. 2014 Jason Paul | Police Officer Rome NY/
  354. 2014 Jesse Hoag | Police Officer Bullhead City AZ/
  355. 2014 John Randolph | Corrections Officer Albion NY/
  356. 2014 Karl Fields | Police Officer Chattanooga TN/
  357. 2014 Kelvin Grisales | Corrections Officer Hartford Conn/
  358. 2014 La'Cori Johnson | Police Officer Dallas TX/
  359. 2014 Lindsey Webster Hoke | Corrections Officer Natchitoches Parish LA/
  360. 2014 Mark Ridley | Police Officer Muskogee OK/
  361. 2014 Martez Johnson | MTA Police Officer Baltimore MD/
  362. 2014 Michael Selders | Police Officer Baton Rouge LA/
  363. 2014 Nakia Dorsey | Sheriff Deputy Fulton County GA/
  364. 2014 Oris Pace | Police Detective LAPD CA/
  365. 2014 Oscar Araiza | Police Officer Dallas TX/
  366. 2014 Patrick Quinn | Police Officer Cy-Fair City TX/
  367. 2014 Rajat Sharda | Police Officer Worcester MA/
  368. 2014 Richard Rodriguez | Corrections Officer Bedford Hills NY/
  369. 2014 Salvador Becerra | Police Officer Odessa TX/
  370. 2014 Stephen Maiorino | Police Officer Boyton Beach FL/
  371. 2014 Stephen Ricco | Police Officer Pawtucket RI/
  372. 2014 Steven Hadley | Police Officer Egg Harbor NJ/
  373. 2014 Thomas Tolstoy | Police Officer Philadelphia PA/
  374. 2014 Timothy Hay | Sheriff Deputy Eagle County CO/
  375. 2014 Walter Knox | Police Officer Mesa AZ/
  376. 2014 William Nulick | Sheriff Deputy Tulare County CA/
  377. 2014 Willie Marshay Greer | Sheriff Deputy Hamilton County TN/
  378. 2014 Xavier Thicklen | Corrections Officer WI/
  379. 2015 Benny Santiago | Corrections Officer Rikers Island NY/
  380. 2015 Brandon Brenes | Police Officer Bethel OH/
  381. 2015 Brian Balzer | Corrections Officer Coffee Creek OR/
  382. 2015 Charles Hoeffer | Police Officer Palm Beach Shores FL/
  383. 2015 Chester Thompson | Police Officer Syracuse NY/
  384. 2015 Irving Diaz | Police Officer Jacksonville FL/
  385. 2015 James Rainey Mason | Police Officer San Jose CA/
  386. 2015 Jason Jackson Kitts | Police Officer Ann Arbor MI/
  387. 2015 Jerad Gale | Police Officer Champaign Il/
  388. 2015 Jared Garren | Sheriff Deputy Fairfield County OH/
  389. 2015 Jereme Simmons | Corrections Officer Montgomery Count MD/
  390. 2015 Kevin Dush | Sheriff Deputy Isabella County MI/
  391. 2015 Kramer Aoki | Police Officer Honolulu HI/
  392. 2015 Mark Shawn Hamilton | Police Officer Sweeney TX/
  393. 2015 Mario Contreras | Police Chief Dexter NM/
  394. 2015 Marty L. Rainey | Sheriff Deputy Gasconade County MO/
  395. 2015 Micah Meurer | Police Officer Amarillo TX/
  396. 2015 Michael Dean | Corrections Officer Orange County FL/
  397. 2015 Patrick A. Klein | State Trooper Liverpool NY/
  398. 2015 Richard Aguirre | Police Officer Pasco WA/
  399. 2015 Ruben Garcia | Corrections Officer Bedford Hills NY/
  400. 2015 Ryan Blackhawk | Police Officer Idaho State Police ID/
  401. 2015 Samuel H. McHenry II | State Trooper Alabama/
  402. 2015 San Antonio TX Cops Officers Aaron Alford, Alejandro Chapa and Emmanuel Galindo/
  403. 2015 Steven Blakeney | Police Officer Pine Lawn MO/
  404. 2015 Timothy T. Morris | Police Officer Phoenix AZ/
  405. 2015 Zachary Thomas Bailey | Parole/ Probation Officer FL/
  406. 2016 Alejandro Chapa | Police Officer San Antonio TX/
  407. 2016 Alexander Ego | Police Officer Chattanooga TN/
  408. 2016 Brad Bennett | Police Officer Baton Rouge LA/
  409. 2016 Brandon Mather | Police Officer Chillicothe OH/
  410. 2016 Charles Bair | Corrections Officer Lowell Corrections Ins. FL/
  411. 2016 Christopher Alan Seymore | Police Officer Chesterfield VA/
  412. 2016 Davin Munk | Police Officer Denver CO/
  413. 2016 Deonte Hamner | Police Officer Montgomery Alabama/
  414. 2016 Emmanuel Galindo | Police Officer San Antonio TX/
  415. 2016 Erick Montez | Sheriff Deputy Bexar County TX/
  416. 2016 Ernest Justin Blanchette | Sheriff Deputy Belknap NH/
  417. 2016 Francisco Alberto Duarte | Police Officer Roanoke WVA/
  418. 2016 George Mallios | Police Officer Manchester NH/
  419. 2016 Israel Sanchez | Police Officer Monterey Park CA/
  420. 2016 James Rabb | Police Corporal Kissimmee FL/
  421. 2016 James Larry Robinson Jr | Police Officer Riverside GA/
  422. 2016 Jay Hun Wu | Police Officer Salt River AZ/
  423. 2016 Jerad Gale | Police Officer Monticello IL/See also Domestic Violence
  424. 2016 Joey D. Tracy | Sheriff Deputy Pierce CO WA/
  425. 2016 John Brown | Police Officer Mount Pleasant PA/
  426. 2016 John Reinhart | Police Officer Commerce City CO/
  427. 2016 Joseph Cotterman | Police Chief Jackson Center OH/
  428. 2016 Josh Nelson | Sheriff Deputy Bartow Co GA/
  429. 2016 Kenneth Gaulette | Police Officer Newark NJ/
  430. 2016 Marcus Kennedy | Sheriff Deputy Muscogee GA/
  431. 2016 Michael Smith | Police Officer Memphis TN/
  432. 2016 Morris Williams Jr. | Police Officer Montgomery ALA/
  433. 2016 Noah Winchester | Police Officer San Mateo CA/
  434. 2016 Rufus Shearer | Police Officer Owenton KY/
  435. 2016 Ryan Reese | Police Officer Connellsville PA/
  436. 2016 Tad Franklin | Police Officer Chillicothe OH/
  437. 2016 Thomas Hanna | Sheriff Sedgwick County CO/
  438. 2016 Thomas Pierson | Sheriff Deputy Harris County GA/
  439. 2016 Thomas Tovar | Police Officer Muscatine Iowa/
  440. 2016 Travis Disney | Police Officer Wapato WA/
  441. 2016 Wesley Holland | Sheriff Deputy Walker Co GA/
  442. 2016 William Mitchell | Sheriff Deputy Barrow Co GA/
  443. 2017 Brian Michael Lujan | Police Officer El Paso TX/
  444. 2017 Michael Lee Gutierrez | Probation Officer McClennan County TX/




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